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PSX Extreme Review: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The biggest release of the year for the PS3 is finally here, but was it worth the wait? Is Hideo Kojima the genius we all give him vast amounts of credit for? Is this THE reason to purchase a PS3 if you don't already have one? YUP. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

LeSouteneur  +   2257d ago
I don't need PSX Extreme
to tell me it's one of the greatest games I've ever played
TheHater  +   2257d ago
I agree, we been playing it for the pass few days :)
BulletToothtony  +   2257d ago
The game really quite surpassed my expectations... i was truly immersed into the game..
the only bad thing i can find with it is that i don't know how another game is going to surpass it... i think only Hideo will be able to surpass himself...

Cause nothing i have played has come close to what this game did for me.. well except maybe mgs2.

To anyone who is not sure about getting this game, let me assure you that you won't be let down by this game... the whole "long cutscenes" wasn't a problem for me at all... not at one point i said: "man this is boring" everything was well thought of and done right.. no shortcuts in this game..
thesummerofgeorge  +   2257d ago
My thoughts exactly, I'm gonna have to wait for games like GoW3, or R2... And they have alot to live up to. I've never seen a game receive such praise from critics and gamers alike, especially not hype and praise that was so well deserved.
ScentlessApprentice7  +   2257d ago
Hideo Kojima has official proven his status rank in "legend" status.
This game is like the best game I have played this gen...WITH OUT A DOUBT!!!. This game is a true classic. I loved MGS3 (I loved Naked Snake {Big Boss} as well as young Ocelot, but MGS4 blows it out of the water) but this game is a hallmark. Don't forget to look for NegativeCreep427 on MGS Online, I am one soldier you don't want to F with.
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TheColbertinator  +   2257d ago
PSX Extreme gave it a 10/10?Oh well I've already been playing the game anyway.
Adriana Lima  +   2257d ago
epitome of a great game.
Definitely Game of the Year.
BulletToothtony  +   2257d ago
Will it get it??? Hard to say since ps3 hate is still very alive.

Does it deserve it???? Absolutely.. Best game i've ever played.
been gaming since 1987.
Adriana Lima  +   2257d ago
MGS4 is a game that makes you
proud to be a gamer.
I haven't played a game in my life that is so brilliant.

Diablo 2 and Starcraft did take a chunk of my life though.
UziSuicide  +   2257d ago
Best SP game I've played in 25 years of gaming, absolutely amazing.
Close_Second  +   2257d ago
I agree...
...best single player game. As for the multiplayer game....less said about that the better me thinks.
Angelitos  +   2257d ago
Does this count on metacritic?
The_Kills  +   2257d ago
they had a 9.8, a 9.5 and some other score in a few aspects.
Still gave it a 10/10 ..lul ftw?
Close_Second  +   2257d ago
Ok...MGS4 for me...
...gets a top score. However, MGS Online is a real disappointment and needs to be scored separately. The multiplayer environments are average and don't feature anywhere near as much attention to detail as the single player game. However, the worst aspect of the on-line game for me is its yet another multiplayer game where you can't tell what your connection is to the host before or during your game. This for me results in nothing but a lag fest which puts me right off playing the on-line aspect of the game.
spacetoilet  +   2257d ago
Game is unbeleivable...
I'm blown away, dropping a playboy and sniping the reader is just a hoot for me, and thats just one, of a million details you can do....if you want.
This is a COMPLETE finished work of ART.
This is to video games what The Wall is to rock albums (or Sergeant peppers) and what the Mona Lisa is to classic paintings.
sloth3395  +   2257d ago
@ Close_Second
if u r getting lag from the online then your internet connection must really suck because i havent gotten any lag in the game
Maddens Raiders  +   2257d ago
Funny -
I blogged about three weeks ago whether or not there was a debate that Sony has firmly regained it's (((PS2 Swagger))) with all that's going on with the PS3. Now I come back to see that the rest of the world has finally caught up to reality on the frontpage of N4G.

Sad really; Sony never went anywhere and has been here the entire time. The PS3 is simply the icing on the cake -- Sony's gift to it's loyal customers that have stayed the course for over a decade now. Geniuses like Hideo actually know what they have here and why it will only get better and better: the ultimate next-gen vehicle - and it's only the tip of the iceberg.

As a loyal gamer and PlayStation fan all I can say is, Thanks guys. This is why I waited in the cold November snow for 11|17|2006. This is why people argue on the internet over electronics. This is why fanboys will never die. This is why you're like nothing else. Keep doing what you do so silky smooth.

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Re4er  +   2257d ago
give an applause to Kojima for making a wonderful game. *clap clap clap* 11/10.
titntin  +   2257d ago
I'm not normally one to gush over any game.

But you are all right.

In 30 years of gaming I've yet to see a game thats been so well and thoughtfully put together, and its a game that anyone who appreciates the art of video gaming deserves to experience.

Exceeded even the lofty expectations I had.

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