Pointing, But Also Clicking

With both The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead: Season 2 completed, GameKoop contributor Andy Brown says, "Gamers who are new to the point-and-click adventure may be a little lost as to what they should play next. Sure, you could wait for Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands (which looks great) or Game of Thrones game (which I can’t see being bad,) but what do we do in the meantime? If you’ve never played a point-and-click before, it’s a great time to jump in."

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incendy351566d ago

The Order 1886 will be out soon.

Just kidding :D

1566d ago
-Foxtrot1566d ago

A genre which can't evolve and where nearly every game feels the same.

I mean we call out COD for being the same game yet point and click games are no better.

A good story is not enough to give it high marks.