PALGN: Unreal Tournament III Preview - Blow each other to bits - this time on the Xbox 360

PALGN writes: "Earlier this year, Unreal Tournament III was released for the PC and PlayStation 3, and lived up to the expectations of many, bringing back the popular shooter franchise into the current generation and still being a very entertaining multiplayer experience - even if the main character did look almost identical to Marcus Fenix from Epic's other 'big' franchise, Gears of War. Well, it seems the console 'exclusivity' of the PS3 version has run out, as the Xbox 360 version is now just around the corner, and we've had a chance to give it a bit of a playthrough... so how does it stack up, and is it worth the 4 month wait for 360 owners to get their hands on it?

You may have been living under a large rock of some kind, and if that's the case, basically Unreal Tournament is all about killing each other in competitive matches with other players. It can be played offline, sure, but it's definitely geared as a multiplayer experience, and there's nothing quite as satisfying as blowing your opponents to absolute bits with futuristic weapons in a variety of different scenarios. Unreal Tournament III is the first version of the game to appear on the current generation of consoles, and benefits greatly from it. The whole thing looks great, with lots of detail in the maps and realistic (if not a little bit overly muscly) looking character models."

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