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What The 3DS LL Should Have Been

MegaJon28 writes "The 3DS LL has been announced and looks to be an improvement over the 3DS XL. The 3DS LL is going to feature a more powerful processor, extra ram, extra buttons and a 2nd thumbstick or “nub” as its being referred to. Its true the 3DS LL is an improvement, but it could have been so much more." (3DS, Casual games, Industry, Mobile, Next-Gen, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS Tag Already Exists. Don't Use., Nintendo America, PS Vita, Tech, Wii, Wii U)

lilbroRx  +   337d ago
The New 3DS LL is what it should have been.
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pcz  +   337d ago
am i the only one confused by this new 3ds?

it doesnt have a big enough identity to distinguish it from its counterparts. which is exactly the problem with the wiiu.

doesnt nintendo ever learn?
Sly-Lupin  +   337d ago
This isn't meant to replace the 3DS for the general consumers. It's meant to get their core consumers to buy ANOTHER 3DS.

This is the same reason why they waited 1 year before releasing the XL, and another year before all the LE consoles. Nintendo expects their core fans to shell out ~$250 USD annually on hardware.
Madock  +   336d ago
when the designs are put and the order actually runs through an assembly line that's like a year at least if we consider packaging and shipping,
If they drastically change the shape and size of the console that requires a long and very expensive assembly line change as well as being sure of the no of units to b produced and sold
They cldn't stray away far from the 3ds design even if they wanted to…
In the mean time i don't know why ppl r angry when it was us who kept moaning about a 2nd analogue and extra trigger buttons
Geekman  +   337d ago
True. But I don't enjoy dwelling on "what could have been." I like focusing on NOW and FUTURE IMPROVEMENTS. Endlessly complaining about the New 3DS won't change anything, where as complaining about the Xbox One before launch actually got Microsoft to get it together and fix what we didn't like.
pcz  +   336d ago
@ madlock

''They cldn't stray away far from the 3ds design even if they wanted to…''

i can imagine it costs a lot of money to alter production methods for new hardware designs. but i know it also costs the company to not be able to sell hardware too.

there is the saying that you need to spend money to make money. it has been evident that nintendo are trying to cut costs, and are going to drastic measures to do so. but i wonder how beneficial this is...

i think the products they are putting out are suffering. what we are starting to see is hardware that doesnt really excite anyone and has poor identity.

i think they are borrowing heavily from apples business model. offer similar products year after year with little upgrades. it works for apple, but im not sure it will work for nintendo.

its a massive shift in gaming culture to offer an almost identical hardware product, albeit with little upgrades in spec, especially cpu/speed. in gaming we are used to having a good 5 years between new tech, so offering this little upgrade will undoubtedly cause confusion and segregation in the market.

i can envision many gamers/parents buying games for their DS that they can't even play, because they are unaware the 'new'DS has different specs. i think its going to cause consumer chaos.

i guess we will have to watch this space ..
DualWielding  +   337d ago
3DS LL is just the Japanese name for 3DS XL
WiiUsauce  +   336d ago
Lol I know. This guy thins LL is exclusively the name for the new XL, but the current XL is called 3DS LL in Japan.
Summons75  +   337d ago
Complaining about the screen resolution? Did you see the side by side on the video. Smash 3DS looks 100x better on the N3DS than it ever did on the DS. Plus better 3d that you can see from any angle is huge.

You think you can do better than please stop winning and do it yourself. Nintendo puts out what they want to put out not what "should have been"
megajon  +   337d ago
I only bring up the screen resolution because it was a glaring issue with the original model that was worsened with the XL and its stretched image to match the 5 inch screen. I'm more concerned that after buying this I will see another revision in a year with a high definition screen.
LAWSON72  +   337d ago
It is called the XL not the LL, that is just what it is called in Japan. Do some research or learn what you are talking about before making an article.
lilbroRx  +   337d ago
I didn't catch that. I was under the impression that the writer of the article at least new that much, though I suppose they spare no effort and finding something to make an issue out of with Nintendo.
megajon  +   337d ago
Yeah that was an editing issue/typo at the time. Sorry about that :)
WiiUsauce  +   336d ago
Oops. Accidentally disagreed. Meant to hit agree haha. You can disagree with this comment and call it even :P
MasterCornholio  +   337d ago
What's the nub like though?

Is it like the nubs that laptops have or is it movable stick?
Pillsbury1  +   337d ago
Probably like a laptop nub or like the c stick on GameCube.
Summons75  +   337d ago
They've been comparing it to the Gamecube's C-Stick as well as actually calling it a C-Stick versus the gross sounding nub.
hkgamer  +   337d ago
looks very similar to lenovo/ibm laptops.

i think most games wont heavily rely on this so your thumb would barely touch it unlike most western games. think about monster hunter and i think its mainly used to adjust the camera every so often.
TheWackyMan  +   337d ago
Moving the buttons down seems like it would make it very awkward to hold.
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Reeze  +   337d ago
Uh... The 3DS LL is the name of the XL in Japan.
mochachino  +   337d ago
Nintendo should just release the next version of their handheld with a true graphics upgrade.

A lot of people who want to play nintendo games but don't want to buy a Wii U would gladly by a Nintendo handheld if it was powerful enough that the games didn't look like GC games.
hkgamer  +   337d ago
too soon. just think of this as an n64 expansion pack or the 64dd. its not going to have that many exclusive games, has a chance of improving normal games and all the other features such as browser and other things are improved.

most people would not upgrade, for the hardcore fans they would definitely consider and for people like me that has been considering if i should buy a 3ds for a while now i think i might do it now.
Pillsbury1  +   337d ago
I would like to see the gameboy name brought back for next gen portable. As far as the name goes, they should have called it the super 3ds.
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hkgamer  +   337d ago
the problem with gameboy name is that it is out of date. its also aimed towards the younger audience.

in a sense i reckon the psp changed peoples mentality. it was a slick and gorgeus looking device that made grown adults interested. i mean look at the original ds and its disgusting looking plastic look.

anyway went off topic. young adults would not buy a product called gameboy.
Summons75  +   337d ago
You're crazy. Young adults and today GREW UP on the Gameboy. Bringing the Gameboy back with current tech would be awesome. It maybe out of date but your thinking of the the original, obviously releasing it today they would enhance the hell out of it. And sell well with everyone.

Unfortunately that won't happen because Nintendo has made it clear they are moving toward a future where their handheld is going to be seamless with the home console. This new 3Ds is most likely to phase out the current models (seeing as how they are about the same price) and put some more life and potential into the 3DS lineup for the next 5-7 years when the WiiU's life is near an end.
hkgamer  +   337d ago

just because you grew up with it doesnt mean it wpuld be popular. the name is outdated. it just doesnt blend in with the current trends.

naming conventions are tough and companies take lots of time to think of a name for its products.

i know that if they updated everything and treated it as a brand new gaming device it would be cool, but the name just doesnt match that anymore. anyway no more bubbles so cannot reply
mochachino  +   337d ago
The DS and 3DS attracted a lot of female gamers, calling it a gameboy is outdated.
TheGamingArt  +   337d ago
They're basically turning the 3DS into an iPhone in the sense that there's better hardware announced every year with better internal components while the over all device is not a new device with a new OS. Eventually Nintendo will go down the App Store root with tags stating (you must have this device or higher to play this game).
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RPGrinder  +   337d ago
What is with these trolling articles? Who gives a crap what something "could have been" I could look at any system and see changes.

This is a DSi like upgrade. Not a big deal.

Nintendo knows portables, THis will sell boatloads.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   336d ago
Yes, Nintendo is doing it ALL wrong with the 3DS, Vita is the one to beat... >.>
No, No
I got that backwards.

Before you yell Fanboy-
I have defended the Vita in the past both of them are great Tech.

the insistent argument that
Resolution and Power = Auto-"Win" and Auto-Sales-
Despite lessons form HISTORY and SALES FIGURES...

-Is an OLD lie for someone so young.

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