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The Last of Us: Proof PS4 Ports Are Easy? - Podcast Beyond

IGN - Devs were saying porting a PS3 game to the PS4 would be hard, so is The Last of Us proof they were lying? No. No, it isn't. (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us, The Last Of Us Remastered)

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NewMonday  +   184d ago
porting from PC is easy, porting from a PS3 games designed for the CELL is hard, it needs re-writing and re-synchronizing, but ND managed it anyway.

- the CELL has different architecture from 86x, so new code needs to be re-wrote for the PS4 CPU.

- the CELL(a CPU) handled some GPU jobs, on the PS4 it is the revers as the GPU is designed to handle CPU jobs.

- the CELL was proprietary so developers needed to learn new things to develop for it and only high level coders can work on it properly, also this leads to a small pool of API developers, on the other hand 86x is the standard as it has a long history of documentation and every coder knows it in and out.
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TheWackyMan  +   184d ago
"on the PS4 it is the revers as the GPU is designed to handle CPU jobs."

Please clarify, because what?
Kayant  +   184d ago
Newmonday is talking about GPGPU which can be used to offload some traditional cpu tasks to the GPU.

NewMonday  +   184d ago
the PS4 has an APU (both the CPU and GPU on the same chip), AMD have been working on this years before the PS4 so research and documentation is very advanced and widespread..


first generation PS4 games still use standard CPU/GPU coding but still result in amazing looking games like inFAMOUS, KillzoneSF, DriveClub and the Order, when Sony release newer API developers will start to take advantage of real APU potential and more games will look and run like Uncharted4.
TheWackyMan  +   184d ago
Okay thank you for clarifying.

Ask a legitimate question, get disagrees. Classic N4G.
DonDon  +   184d ago
TLOU is no mere port: it took ND a long time to re-code it. And on top of that, the ps4 version was riddled with glitches and some bad A.I. issues (i'd know because i beat the ps3 game on survival mode several times and grounded mode so I know the A.I.'s reaction style and patterns).

So no it isn't easy porting from ps3 to ANY other platform. Even if ps4 itself is easy to code on.
DanteVFenris666  +   184d ago
Honestly if you actually know anything about game development. It's all bullshit. Any modern engine can convert your game into whatever hardware with only a few weeks worth of work. It's rather the company doesn't want to, lying to you how hard it is, or doesn't have modern tech. At least those were the words from my computer science professor
jimmywolf  +   184d ago
it easy too judge what others can or cannot do based on someone else statement. try it yourself an you see things will never be that simple.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   184d ago
Well obviously, he isnt a game developer, nor does he have a whole team of people working with/for him.
mixelon  +   184d ago
Your computer science professor has zero experience of the bespoke engine ND have created for their games. It's not like they made TLOU and Uncharted in Unreal Engine. They made an engine specifically to take advantage of the very weird PS3.

Actually MAKING your engine have support for multiple architectures is not trivial. Then you have to adapt all the assets, which in the case of a game the size of TLOU isn't going to be "only a few weeks"
Kayant  +   184d ago
One word optimization. Even with my limited knowledge that doesn't carry so well across different architectures especially if they did very specific things just for the PS3.
nirwanda  +   184d ago
So you think naughty dog went out and bought a modern game engine from someone like unity or crytek or unreal.?
Dynasty2021  +   184d ago
The port is really shoddy actually.

Glitches a lot, sound stops working at times, NPCs disappearing, NPC path-finding breaking, and the matchmaking is a pathetic joke that has caused me to trade the game in.

I played the game through again, played the awesome DLC, then went to MP and just couldn't believe how rubbish matchmaking is.

I'm not willing to sit for upwards of 10 minutes to wait for a game.

I thought ND were amazing. This proves they're human and make a lot of mistakes at times.

The port just completely lacks the polish of the PS3 version.
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HanzoHattori  +   183d ago
Only a person who knows nothing about game development would think that porting a game between two consoles with completely different architectures is easy. Kind of like people who still believe that a DDoS attack is a hack.
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