NZGamer: SingStar Vol. 2 Hands On - 'A new feature, and new songs. Worth getting excited about?'

NZGamer writes: "There is little question that Sony and the PS2 have dominated the socially acceptable world of gaming with franchises like Singstar, Eye-Toy and Buzz!. With their unique levels of interactivity and leverage off mainstream media, these titles have reached audiences that used to be considered "non-gamers".

Despite the PS2 still moving ridiculous numbers of units, there is a new era for these titles now thanks to the PS3. And naturally, Sony is bringing us an updated version of their popular karaoke title with SingStar Vol 2.

The second edition of Singstar on the PS3 is hitting the shelves this month and looks set to keep living-room karaoke champions happy. Vol. 2 comes with an additional 30 tracks from artists like The Killers, Eminem, Kaiser Chiefs, Nirvana, Gorillaz and plenty more. Not to mention a growing database of tracks available for download via the online portal SingStore to add to your collection."

The Good:
-Finally, a new gameplay mode

The Bad:
-Everything else is the same

The Ugly:
-The sight of us

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