The Mario Maker Wishlist

What ought to be added to Mario Maker? Quite a bit, actually.

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Yi-Long1362d ago

I'd love to see Mario World (SNES) quality graphics, instead of the 8-bit and DS stuff.

Mario World IMHO was the best looking 2D Mario game, design-wise.

LAWSON721362d ago

I was thinking the same thing I would have preferred or ar least liked the addition of SMW graphics

Summons751362d ago

I honestly want to switch between smb,smb2,3, SMw, and NSMBU. But as is it looks great and I can't wait to play all the troll levels.

R00bot1361d ago

I would also like the ability to choose which physics your level uses, instead of always handling like the original game.

lilbroRx1361d ago

I hate journalist wish lists. They are so presumptuous and usually laden with flame bate.

Let Nintendo work their magic. They know how to make a Mario game far better than this writer or anyone else.