NZGamer: Buzz! Quiz Master PSP Preview - 'First handheld outing for a console favourite'

NZGamer writes: "After a successful series of titles on the PlayStation 2, Sony and developers Relentless Software are bringing everyone's favourite quiz-show game to the handheld arena with Buzz! Quiz Master for the PlayStation Portable. Replacing the previous titles' game show-themed controller will be the four PSP face buttons with gameplay similar to that of the console series – you hit the button that corresponds with the onscreen answer.

The essence of this Buzz title remains faithful to the tried and tested formula with its game-show presentation, talking Muppet-like host and a slew of questions played out in six all new rounds like Picture This, a picture recognition round; Quickfire Challenge, which - as the name suggests - revolves around rapidly answering questions; and Virus Challenge, where players race against the clock to answer questions correctly while a deadly game-show virus eats away at their point total. This time around questions will be based on general knowledge so be prepared to rack your brain on a variety of topics from sports and nature to film and music."

The Good:
-Questions galore!

The Bad:
-More of Buzz's one-liners

The Ugly:
-Six pairs of sweaty palms – one PSP

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