NZGamer: Motorstorm Pacific Rim Preview - 'The new setting definitely adds much to the experience'

NZGamer writes: "I always found that the first Motorstorm was like a wine that needed time to breathe before consumption. At first, I thought it was a slow, bumbling racer with all the subtlety, tact, and finesse of a pro-wrestler at a poetry recital. Its presentation seemed like some weird cross of Burning Man with a monster truck demolition derby that was ecliptic in its appeal. Pendulum and Slipknot in the same game?

However, the more I played the more I discovered an intelligent racer underneath the brutish exterior – the Dolph Lundgren of video games, if you will. It required sophistication and patience, demanding far more input from a player than peeling round corners at speed with a single button being held down. (Ridge Racer, as much as I love you, I'm looking at you.) Coming first required skill, and it was genuinely rewarding. Admittedly, I never finished it – although this was not because I was bored but because it was bloody hard."

The Good:
-The same intelligent racer with a brutish charm

The Bad:
-Still seems a bit indecisive in its target audience

The Ugly:
-Driving your truck off a cliff thinking it was a shortcut

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will113806d ago

This is just another game which shows that the console of 2008 is PS3

AlterEgo3806d ago

wow, they're still saying Pacific RIM instead of RIFT?

highdro3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

rim "!" any way the game will be a fun racer, the last one was sweet but it was missing split screen but now that is included and the graphics will obviously be sweet its safe to say this is another hit and the motorstorm franchies has just started. i will not be suprised if it ends up an AAA title becaue a game like motorstorm is a lovely car racing game that causal gamers can pick up and play with out any control problems.

Real Gambler3806d ago

Perfect description. People who didn't like Motorstorm didn't really try it. This reviewer described M1 very well, so if he is happy with Motorstorm 2, then I know I will be happy.

I'm not even sure yet if I will buy Resistance 2 (ok, I'm not a huge shooter fan), for sure enough, Motorstorm 2 is a day one purchase for me. And yes, I may even take a few day off to enjoy it, which, for me, says a lot.

Silogon3806d ago

Indecisive on it's target audience, huh? Yeah, 3.5 million users of the 1st might be in trouble, and in turn sony. This game won't sell.

/end sarcasm

I hate this site, by they way. I just started seeing their garbage pop up yesterday but I hate them. everything they post is just crap and garbage.

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The story is too old to be commented.