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Is this the starting roster for Smash Bros. 3DS?

An image posted in an official eShop listing may show the starting roster for the new Smash Bros. (3DS, Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

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Big_Game_Hunters  +   370d ago
This was already debunked as from a trailer on the 3ds eshop.
Summons75  +   370d ago
Its a lot more believable than the horribly fake "leak" going around. At least this doesn't have characters that nobody's seen for 25 years or characters clinging another box....
TekoIie  +   370d ago
"Its a lot more believable than the horribly fake "leak" going around."

Are you talking about the leak which revealed Shulk, Dark Pit, Duck Hunt Dog and Bowser Jr?

Because that's kind of been proven reliable so far.
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Summons75  +   370d ago
Literally ONE character that they have teased and everyone has pretty much know for sure since launch. But seriously characters hands go into other boxes, the spacing is off, Duck hunt dog....really?, pictures are from brawl or melee.

Looks completely fake to me and pretty much anyone I talked too.
live2play  +   369d ago
Non of what you said was accurate. All the reasons people were saying it was fake were actually proven to be wrong. No character overlaps another box, warios eye isn't missing or anything.

Face it buddy that leak was real
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Summons75  +   369d ago
It wasn't claimed to be true either. No one said Wario's eyes were missing but Game N Watch was 100% reaching into his box. Kind hard to disprove a fact.
live2play  +   369d ago
Nope sorry. Thats warios shoulder. They have a video that proves it.
Ill come back here to rub it in when the game releases
kirbyu  +   370d ago
They wouldn't make all three 3rd party characters and a newcomer who was confirmed 2 days ago be starter characters.
live2play  +   369d ago
This isn't the leaked image this is actually from nintendo
kirbyu  +   369d ago
I know.

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