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Interstellar Marines Hands-on Impressions|Gaming Enthusiast

Greg Bargas of Gaming Enthusiast takes on the Steam Early Access title, Interstellar Marines.

He writes:

"The glitz and glam of the first-person shooter realm has become something bigger than itself. With high-ball engines that seem like only Hollywood could produce, there’s something empty about the experience as a whole. However, many would argue this is where the creative reins are grasped by the developers pouring their time into Early Access titles on Steam. The company known as Zero Point Software is looking to bring a little something different to the table." (Interstellar Marines, PC)

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Lost_In_Translation  +   337d ago
The game looks pretty impressive, even if it's not the type I'd normally play.
ModernSamuraiJay  +   337d ago
Really cool, looking forward to this one.
SirNintend0  +   337d ago
Yeah looks interesting.
smooch_357  +   337d ago
OMG....I totally, totally forgot that this game even existed. I remember reading about it way back when last gen first started, like in 2007-2008.
porkChop  +   337d ago
How is this game still not out? I remember when it was first announced as a PS3 game early last gen.
CorndogBurglar  +   337d ago
So its called Interstellar Marines, but you only play in some training facility undergound in Nevada? That sounds a little disappointing. With a name like that i want to be going on missions across the universe fighting various alien races.

If this game has seriously been in development since 2007, like others are claiming, how are they not further along? This preview made it sound like there is still a very long way to go.
Vladplaya  +   337d ago
This ^

I have played their very early betas long long time ago, and seems like the game haven't progressed that much in so many years.

Maybe if it was mmo, or some other big project, it would make sense, but if you look at it, its really pretty basic, generic shooter. It should have been completed with full campaign like three years ago.

I am not sure if devs are not working full time on the game, or they are just very very slow at their job.

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