Wii U Tops 7 Million Sold Worldwide

"The Wii U, the first eighth generation home console released, has sold more than seven million units worldwide. This figure makes it the second bestselling console, behind the PlayStation 4 and ahead of the Xbox One. It has taken the Wii U 21 months to reach this milestone.

Sales for the Wii U had been poor for most of the year with weekly sales of around 30,000 units for much of the year. However, since the release of Mario Kart 8 in May the console has remained above 50,000 units sold every week and has sold nearly one million units in three months."

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Metallox1366d ago

7 million (it's a rumor of course) units and without Smash and Legend of Zelda. And the bump that Mario Kart 8 genereated isn't over yet.

The console could sell at least 10 million consoles more in the next two years if everything goes ok. 17-20 million lifetime, a very respectable quantity if you ask me considering all Nintendo's troubles selling the console and its position in the market.

trunkswd1366d ago

With Smash Bros. the Wii U should have no problem hitting 10 million by the end of the year.

randomass1711366d ago

They would have to sell 3 million consoles within the span of a month or two, maybe less which would be quite a feat. I would say ten million by early to mid 2015 is more likely. Either way Wii U will hit 10 million in the near future.

Abash1366d ago

If Smash Bros. was only for Wii U, I'd really believe it could shift a huge amount of Wii U units. But Smash Bros. 3DS made Smash Bros. Wii U much less of a system seller

trunkswd1366d ago

There are 4 months to sell 3 million units, including the holidays. The Wii U should sell more than 1 million units in December alone and another 500,000 in November. The Wii U sold about 1.5 million last November and December.

chrismichaels041366d ago

Congrats to Nintendo. Everyone thought by now it would be in 3rd place behind both PS4 and Xone. Good to see it still holding strong in 2nd place behind the PS4. Last gen I had a PS3 and 360, but this gen I decided to go with PS4 and WiiU instead and I have not regretted my decision since.

ABizzel11366d ago

It's good to see that Nintendo is doing better, and the Wii U is finally hitting it's stride.

Hitting 10 million by the end of the year is possible, but it's going to take more than Smash to do that. They're currently averaging 60k per week, which would be 1+ million in the last 4 months. A price drop for the holidays, and Smash would be enough to make that happen though.

bouzebbal1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

well deserved. this console is so underrated.
seems like xbox is doomed to finish at 3rd place like everytime!

BattleAxe1366d ago

The next Metroid game could potentially draw in many core gamers, especially ones that are FPS fans on PS3 and Xbox 360 who don't want to pay subscription fees.

InTheLab1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Nintendo has said they plan to sell 3.6 this fiscal year. It's more than wishful thinking to believe they will sell more than that this or any year.

21 months to 7m is beyond terrible so the notion that Nintendo will sell 3m in the next 4 months is ridiculous.

And for those of you cheering for second place, just remember that year head start and the fact that being 2 million consoles ahead of last isnt something to cheat about. At least give the bone a chance with it's main franchises like Nintendo has had.

frezhblunts1366d ago

Same here chris, I went with the Wii u first and then I got a ps4. It was a great decision, I love both consoles and both are getting some great games. Congratulations to the Wii U, just pooping on other people who didn't believe it would even make it this far way to prove them wrong

SoapShoes1366d ago

@InTheLab - Yeah it didn't do well at first but it's what is happening now that counts. Look at the 3DS, it started off terrible. If you think its current numbers are bad well it's still outselling the Xbox One.

mikeslemonade1366d ago

I think it will still sell less than GameCube. Those games outside of super smash aren't as popular anymore. Kids don't know the Zelda or metroid following. Remember these are kids that grown up post 9/11. It's a different world now.

MRMagoo1231366d ago

I don't really like smash bros at all and I don't understand why ppl like it, I do think tho that if Nintendo release a pokemon stadium wiiu it'll sell a bunch of consoles, I would pick one up.

TekoIie1366d ago


"Remember these are kids that grown up post 9/11. It's a different world now."

What does that even mean?

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ChickeyCantor1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

"if you ask me"

Unless you work for Nintendo...
It's more than just sold figures. It's profit, long term plans, keeping third parties interested etc.

5 years and only 20 million sold is terrible.

" but Nintendo can't demand more, they should be aware that their name is not so popular like Xbox or PlayStation anymore."

Pretty much everyone knows what/who Nintendo is. It's marketing and what you have to offer. Wii consumers are not jumping ship because Nintendo did not give them enough incentive ( lack of proper marketing causing them to be ignorant on the differences ).

Mario is still universal. But that alone is not enough.Nintendo can demand enough as long they provide a robust service and release enough games.

Metallox1366d ago

I thought it was not losing with the console anymore. Of course, adding a game to the package should make damaga, but Nintendo can't demand more, they should be aware that their name is not so popular like Xbox or PlayStation anymore.

dedicatedtogamers1366d ago

"5 years and only 20 million sold is terrible."

It's certainly not great, and it's certainly odd that Nintendo abandoned the wider market of the Wii and DS in favor of...this.

But it's not terrible. It would be as well selling as the Gamecube and Xbox. It would be better selling than te Saturn and Dreamcast. As long as Nintendo remains profitable enough, they'll be able to stay within the game market and try again next gen.

nunley331365d ago

The name Nintendo is synonymous with video games. everybody knows it, non-gamers too. Good example of this is my dad who doesn't play any games and probably never heard of the PS4 or XBONE calls all games nintendo. He would say quit playing nintendo and do this or refer to anyone playing games as playing nintendo. There's alot of these people like my dad who do this.

Realplaya1366d ago

I estimate that they will be hitting if not sniffing 10 million by the end of this year. Don't forget to figure in the games coming out if rated highly will push units.

Magicite1366d ago

7m in 21months = average of ~333k/month.
If it can hit 10m before the end of this year, then not all is lost.
Certainly it looks like X1 wont catch up anytime soon.

jetlian1366d ago

Your dreaming MS should be at 6 million+ right now by the end of the month should hit 7.

I'm getting wii u when devils third hits

wonderfulmonkeyman1366d ago

It'll hit more than 20M lifetime.
Nintendo is not going to sit idle this time; they can't afford to.
They'll be making new games, stuff beyond their typical IP's, that will attract even more sales.

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Revengeance1366d ago

Well the Wii U is still hanging on to second at least so congrats to them. However Nintendo needs to get out their heavy hitters sooner rather than later. They got Smash and Bayo 2 but they need to keep the momentum going.

trunkswd1366d ago

A Pokemon game would help keep the momentum going, as well as Zelda and a true 3D Mario game like Galaxy, Sunshine or 64. Metroid and Star Fox would also help a little bit.

Bhuahahaha1366d ago

i think you forgetting someone ~capt toad!!!

tehpees31366d ago

I think Nintendo's strong names will have more people buy Wii U than the amount of people willing to forgive Microsoft and buy Xbox One.

Spotie1366d ago

It makes me sad to sat this, but I disagree.

Just looking at the lengths some around here go to in order to defend what the rest of us know was wrong... I'm not too confident.

tehpees31366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Take a look at the sales that happened. Even after a mammoth price drop Wii U was still outselling it with Mario Kart 8 hype down (as somebody already pointed out).

Both Nintendo and Microsoft have different problems with getting their consoles to sell more. Right now it definitely looks like Nintendo is doing a better job with their problems. Which is why I believe they will have better sales.

SoapShoes1366d ago

And rightly so! Microsoft has shown time and time again they aren't really about making the best product they can, they're about forcing themselves into the market with no regards to the consumers who bought their product. I'm glad Wii U is finally doing well and hopefully Xbox One never passes it. I would have given them the benefit of the doubt if they hadn't shown they're still the same as they always have been.

InTheLab1366d ago

The problem here is that while I can appreciate them not trying to trample my rights as a consumer and not charging for online, that's really all they have going for them without major 3rd party releases.

I'd love to have the WiiU but the games on it do not appeal to me. So when I'm ready to pick up a good companion console, you really have to look at the Bone because it is a more complete console.

SoapShoes1366d ago

Not imo. Having a PS4 makes having a Bone irrelevant for me. I've never owned a Nintendo console in my life(went from Sega to PlayStation and even Xbox) but it is much more attractive than X1 to me. A system that has yet to have an exclusive since TitanFall. 7 month gap between exclusives? That's pretty bad.

jholden32491366d ago

All I know is Wii U is one of the best video game consoles I've owned in the last 30 years. I daresay it might even be my favorite of all time. That's coming from a gamer who owns all three consoles and both handhelds. The only console that gives the Wii U a run for its money is PS4, granted PS4 doesn't have nearly as many great games right now, but it's on track.

I would also say the 3DS goes pound for pound with Wii U and PS4, but I think once that new 3DS hits It might even become my favorite platform again. It's up there too though, even now with the current models.

So many gamers out there who ignore Nintendo based on the stigma and what they were taught to believe. It's really unfortunate because the Wii U and 3DS are such great consoles with such great games. But people like to stay in their comfort zones. AAA is all they know, and it's all they want to know.

ShowGun9011366d ago

ill get a wiiU, but it was always going to be AFTER they released their heavy hitters...

mario (check)
mario kart (check)
DK (check)

perhaps 1 more off the list and ill pick one up (not counting wind waker, already played that!)

MSBAUSTX1366d ago

Nintendo land actually has a very entertaining Metroid mini game amd zelda mini game along with several other very fun games. I didnt play anything else for three months after I got my Wii U at launch because of Nintendo Land. If you havent tried them then go pick them up. You stick 4 more people in the room with you and Nintendo Land is just as fun as Mario Kart 8 but has all Genres of games rolled in to one for only 40 bucks including a controller. It is hard to find anything close to that value on XB1 or PS4. Not to mention that all your Wii controllers work with the Wii U, something none of the other consoles offer.

Wii U has exclusives like DK Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, LOZ Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World (a 3d non side scoll Mario), Zombi U, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, New Super Mario Brothers U, Nintendo Land, Sonic Lost World, Need for Speed U, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Resident Evil Revelations, Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed, Game and Wario, Wii Sports Club, and soon to be coming this year, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1/2, and Super Smash Brothers U. 21 ganes total that are amazing that you could be playing now and by the end of this year!

That is only the exclusives. There are several really good multiplats and a few other games that are incredible. Also there is a huge list of Wii U only Indie games that will blow your mind as well. Then if you add in the almost 100, it seems, virtual console titles and the games coming out quickly in the beginning of next year, I would say waiting for a full LOZ, Metroid, and Star Fox game is a little closed minded when faced with how much the Wii U has to offer right now.

InTheLab1366d ago

Of all time? So you've never owned....


Not that I'm disagreeing with your opinion here but I find it facinating that even a diehard Nintendo fan would list the WiiU ahead of any of the Nintendo consoles I listed above.

The 10th Rider1366d ago

Not saying I agree with him, but if you count the fact that the Wii U has virtual console games, can play Wii games, and can play Wii virtual console games it's got a pretty killer line up

If you were to ONLY ever own one console you could make a pretty compelling argument for it. It has a wide variety of games available from multiple generations, even some handheld games, AND you can play them without a TV.

Bubbamilk1366d ago

A million units in 3 months and all due to momentum. People act like when Mario kart 8 hype dies then its over. But the game will remain in the catalogue at full price for awhile. Add more games and Mario kart will become extra incentive.

With hyrule warriors bayonetta and smash bros coming out this year they could possibly be climbing on 10 million units sold by 2015. It's not too far fetched especially with the big hitters in 2015. If they keep the hype and momentum going its feasible

iamnsuperman1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Actually there has been a decline in momentum since Mario Kart released. By Vg Chartz (not reliable but it is their article) 05/07/2014 They were at 57,000 units 07/06/2014 was 104,000 but now (the latest weekly sales) it is at 54,000 (the week before was 66,000 so they have plateaued at around 60,000 per week). Mario Kart has helped improve the plateau figure (before Mario Kart is was abysmally low) but I wouldn't get all excited by a million in 4 months (the beginning of May they were over 6 million).

So you are expecting them to sell 3 million in the same time frame? Around the time Mario Kart launched they were doing over 100,000 weekly but that died by july. They would have to be near that weekly sales to even think of getting to 10 million by the end of the year. It isn't feasible since the Christmas time of the year is fiercely competitive and Mario released in a slow part of the year

Bubbamilk1366d ago

Can't lie it is a long shot. But hey I'm a dreamer and anything is possible.

Nintendo has been trying to fix their public image which is good because that is where they have failed in the last generation and the wii u up to this point. When miyamoto said recently they are shifting back to the core gamer he seemed excited about it so i expect good things coming. Which is why I don't see it as an impossible feat to reach 10 million. Public image plays a huge role in the gaming community and Nintendo realized that and started towards fixing it.

Aside from that I totally understand why u would be skeptical to the point to call me out on it cause it is a long shot. Actually pretty much impossible. But having grown up with a Nintendo controller in my hand I do realize if anyone can do it its Nintendo.

Also we have yet to see what amiibo can do. Just from this time last year till now we are talking about a totally different system. It's in a different place. Last year it wasn't even a competition. The hype of the new consoles drowned the wii u in its first year. But this year is a clean slate and the wii u is a real contender now.

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Concertoine1366d ago

Obviously they were doing better a few days after MK launched, no one game can keep the Wii U that far up for that long, but before MK it was selling like 30k-40k global a week, now its fluctuating between 50-60k a week. All the Japanese games coming out this year as well as Smash will raise the baseline even more.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1366d ago

Somewhere in 2015 sure, but not by the end of the year. Bayonetta is far from a heavy hitter and Dynasty Warriors usually don't sell that well, so putting a Zelda skin over it is not a sure shot. Yes, Smash will sell, a lot, but let say it sells as much as Kart (2.5), a bunch of Nintendo game lovers already have their Wii U, let's be optimistic and say it brings the Wii U to 1 million new users, we're just at 8.

10 will take a while.

wonderfulmonkeyman1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

"Bayonetta is far from a heavy hitter"

Sorry, but that's just not true anymore.
It hasn't been true for a WHILE.
It's one of the most anticipated third party action games of this year.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1366d ago


Just like everyone wanted a Darksiders 2 but when it came, everybody looked away.