Will Valve End The ACCC Lawsuit Peacefully?

With all the fuss over the ACCC suing Valve, what if Valve really just ended it all up by implementing a refund policy just for Australia? With that why not the entire Steam market?

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SuperBlur1390d ago

On one hand i can understand the no refund policy in place. People would abuse it to no end , beat the game and get a refund . On the other hand tho , some games are just not playable with certain hardware. They can track people play time, they have their own currency. The least they could do is give refund in steam money , guarantee to see that money back.

DFogz1390d ago

I'm confused... I've gotten a refund for a game I bought off Steam before, granted it was in the form of Steam dollars but it didn't make a difference to me.

Is the article saying that Valve won't refund Valve-published games or that they just don't refund games in general? Because if it's the latter, that's just not true.

VengefulPenguin1390d ago

What i said was that it's quite difficult for a person to get his/her refund off of steam as there is no actual "refund option." One would have to contact steam support in order to get a refund ticket in place, and for the ACCC to file in the lawsuit, it seems as though a refund off of steam isn't always as easy as it should be