Is Wii's software support improving?

TVGB: "While new game announcements for the Wii from European and American developers are still scarce, support from Japan seems to be steadily on the rise. The increasing recognition of the Wii as a viable platform for traditional as well as simpler games is clearly evident, and is beginning to mirror the DS's path to success."

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Whoooop3808d ago

is the amount of crappy games.

Slayer OP3808d ago

Still no games for people above agee 10 yet.

Odiah3807d ago

Madworld? Tenchu? Fatal Frame? Monster Hunter? The Conduit? The game your mother is supposedly starring in? ;)

ChickeyCantor3807d ago


Dont bother...even if the Wii only had 18+ games...he would say the same.

doshey3808d ago

yes the wiis software support improving....if u mean by crappy software then yes it is

mepsipax3808d ago

Just because a game is made for the wii doesn't mean it sucks, in fact I'm not big on all the games they preview here but you still have to give them a chance, and of course there are no AAA teams working on exclusives and I would rather have it that way, it's funny when development cycles started to take 3 years and budgets ran into the millions games started becoming less fun and original because the people selling games these days only care about profit, games used to be made by gamers, now they're made some corporate d*ckhead who's counting his money and laughing at all the morons who go out and buy whatever generic crap they shove down your throats.

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The story is too old to be commented.