Gamernode: Iron Man Review

Gamernode writes: "For this game, two GamerNode reviewers will issue their opinions. Both Billy Wang and Kyle Stallock certainly enjoyed the film, so how does the game hold-up? Billy played the game for PC while Kyle played the game for Xbox 360.

I'm going to say it now, I fully enjoyed Iron Man the movie. So to see Iron Man the game magically appear in my Steam account (with Valve finally acknowledging its existence two weeks later) was a pleasant surprise. Coming in at a mere 2 gigs, the game was a quick download and booted up painlessly.

The fun seemed to end here though when trying to adjust the game's controls; it only referred to a controller on the options menu. By default, all the keyboard controlling for the game is extremely awkward so I highly suggest to change the controls to suit your needs. Thankfully though, I really enjoyed the flying controls since they were so simple."

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