It may be ‘game over’ for consoles in Korea

In a Gangnam study room filled with five ordinary Korean high school students, a spirited conversation on the Korean game industry is taking place. One of the more passionate gamers, Baek Dong-gil, starts the discussion with a crucial question: “Is the Wii U ever going to be released in Korea?”

To that, Shin Yong-joon answers: “The last time I played a console game was when I was in my elementary years, so I don’t really know current trends.”

Shin’s viewpoint seems to be the norm for many Koreans nowadays: not many seem to be aware of the latest game systems.

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Bhuahahaha1359d ago

korea is the land of mmorpg

joab7771359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Not so much as MOBAs now. Sony needs to release LOL or Dota on console...even if it's only in Korea to begin.

And yes, bring every Japanese game to Korea as well. And This is a great example of why Sony needs to partner w/ Google for their next mobile device. Make it like the Vita, but have it run some type of android OS w/ access to Google Play. It will sell like hot cakes and ppl will choose it over other tablets. Then, partner w/ verizon concerning their Xperia phones, and Sony could b a player again. Other than their playstation division, I don't get Sony at all.

They can use the Playstation brand to sell everything else, and unlike MS, they can do it w/out comprising games and gamers. Playstation now could be an app on every handheld Google device, tablet and phone. The TVS could come w/ it. And where google and apple failed, and MS tried really hard, Sony could actually make the first profitable TV box. Imagine a TV setup w/ Playstation now, the ability to hook to the vita or any phone, the ability to play Blu rays any d all apps. It would b amazing.

Maybe I am missing something, but it seems like an obvious trajectory. Instead they choose to isolate their products.

demonddel1359d ago Show
ShaunCameron1359d ago

Um. Did you get the message? Koreans don't care about consoles. Not even Sony ones.

Volkama1359d ago

2014 Bravia TVs do come with Playstation now as an advertised feature coming this year. The TVs are ready and waiting for the service to roll out.

I don't think it will help Sony enslave the universe and hand various territories to the gamers though.

joeorc1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )


Umm, Its called a freaking playstation tv!

Its already being sold at profit, will have access to playstation now soon, already has playstation +, and playstation Mobile.

What you were asking for is already on the market!

As a matter of fact its been released in pretty much all of Asia!

And soon for markets in the west now.

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Volkama1359d ago

And MOBAs and RTSs.

It is quite a thriving market that probably should get more attention.

Hellsvacancy1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I want RTS games on the PS4, i'd kill for Starcraft 2 (maybe not literally)

S2 is one of the only games I play on my laptop

DanteVFenris6661359d ago

I don't know hell. I just didn't enjoy 2 like I did the original Starcraft. Maybe cause I came into Starcraft with no expectations and then when I played 2 I had really high expectations and was just disappointed.

Hellsvacancy1358d ago


S2 is virtually the exact same game as S1 so I see your point, it's still fun though

3-4-51359d ago

* Whoever makes a console Specifically for Korea and only Korea could make it work.

It could have to have to be = to a high end PC and have a really good controller though.

Magicite1359d ago

they have more mmos than we have retail games :D

DarkKaine1359d ago

You mean the land of p2w f2p games with 'stamina' that allows you to maybe play 30 minutes a day.
Unless you of course steal daddy's credit card and pay for stamina recharging kits and overpowered gear.
Wish they kept that shit in Korea honestly, 99% of the KR games that came to the west are cancer.
Can we please get more stuff from Japan rather than these knockoff cliché games which require no skill whatsoever that all try to be WoW and give you carpal tunnel because the only thing you do is mash 1-9 the whole day?

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kreate1359d ago

Koreans lived without major gaming consoles for a long time that they just don't care that much.

majority of the Koreans never even touched a ps3/360 and probably wont even care.

but this probably applies to other places like Taiwan or Singapore.

the marketable clientale isn't big, and there just isn't much support either. blizzard moving to consoles is only the first step in the right direction. but it probably ends there for now.

ShaunCameron1359d ago

It somewhat applies to Japan as it's becoming less and less interested in home consoles.

kreate1359d ago

I agree. but if I put japan there, idk if there would be a backlash in the n4g community or I maybe offending someone who is into Japanese games.

its susceptible to an angle attack and I don't need to be fighting ppl here so I didn't put japan in there.

but yea. japan as well as most of asia is in a similar situation.

CertifiedGamer1359d ago

Krate how dare you say that about Japan. Japan used to make over 4000 games on PS1.

slinky1234561359d ago

80-90% of them just play MMO's really. Or some form of online competitive games that they stick to forever. It;s really no surprise.

DanteVFenris6661359d ago

Really? I thought 80-90 % where trying to dodge the bombs from up north. But seriously your statistics are overly exaggerated and false. I could use stereo type too. 75% of americain are retarded and fat. I am over exaggerating but you get my point it's not nice to stereotype a group of people and claim that it's true.

slinky1234561359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Really nothing I said was insulting and yes it was meant to be exaggerated. What you just said is just insulting. Really I don't care since I'm not in America but still was unnecessary for you to show your ignorance.
And again it was exaggerated but not by much really There's more proof of how much they play. Bigger than any other country

mediate-this1358d ago

Id say two thirds fott bill, maybe more. Pretty close though

wonderfulmonkeyman1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I hope that things change over there.
It has the same feel of a huge untapped market, oddly, that would greatly benefit the gaming industry as a whole if their leaders would lighten up on the restrictions and let people just PLAY a bit...

DefenderOfDoom21359d ago

SOUTH KOREA people play a lot of video games at PC cafes . And they have the best internet infrastructure in the world . Just watched a documentary on HBO about the video game culture in SOUTH KOREA called "LOVE CHILD" .

tanookisuit1359d ago

What does the title of that documentary mean?

Pozzle1359d ago

If I recall correctly, it's a reference to the Korean couple who were so addicted to online gaming that they forgot to feed their child and it died of malnutrition :(

DanteVFenris6661359d ago

@pozzle shit my mistake I thought babies were food, I didn't know you had to feed them... I'll do it right next time

Hellsvacancy1359d ago

Cheers i'll give it a watch

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