Gamernode: The Bourne Conspiracy Review

Gamernode writes: "With every passing year, videogames get closer to the fine line between fantasy and reality, and crossing that line changes the basic perspective of the medium. Is it still a videogame, or more of a visual experience? The Bourne Conspiracy doesn't cross this line, but it's as close to the movie and book counterpart as it can possibly get. That being said, movie-based videogames tend to veer off the popularity of the movie, and go stright to the bargain bin -- or sometimes even the trash bin. How can you mess up a game based on the Iron Man movie, even with such a badass as Iron Man being the main controlled protagonist? I'm not blaming the developers because I don't believe there is any development team out there trying to make a bad game. One of the leading factors of such horrible production is that the game needs to be finished and on the shelves by the time the movie is out, which hinders the team immensely. Let me tell you this one thing, The Bourne Conspiracy is not one of these games, and here is why.

If you are a fan of the Bourne movies or books, then this game is for you. This whole game is a fan service for those types of players and I am telling you this from the beginning. I'm not saying those of us who haven't seen the movie will get less out of the game, but you will appreciate the game a bit more if you have watched the films. Players familiar with the movies will be especially delighted to find themselves reliving most of the exciting scenes, except you are controlling Jason Bourne, the 35 million dollar machine. The game does a good job in putting you in the action from various scenes that span all three movies. The presentation is superb, with cut scenes leading straight into gameplay, and story arcs that give you a little taste of why you are doing what you are doing. High Moon Studios did a great job at creating what seems to be direct replicas of buildings, hallways, boats, streets and even car chases straight out of the movies. If it was the developers idea to engulf you in the Bourne experience, they did a damn good job."

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