WWE 2K15: Everything We Know So Far

Chris Mawson writes: "WWE 2K14 was certainly a good game that satisfied the majority of professional wrestling fans. But it was more of the same; an evolution of a tried-and-tested formula rather than a revolution. ... WWE 2K15 drops on October 28 in North America, with pre-release information trickling out in dribs and drabs over the past few weeks, and a lot more to follow. But as of right now, what do we actually know about the title?"

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Jyndal1418d ago

People still care about these games? They haven't changed in what, 15 years? Graphics look better, but, like Madden, it's the same game year after year, with an updated roster.

aLucidMind1418d ago

Yeah, people still do. Just like there are people who still enjoy Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and every other annual release IP. And the main reason people are taking a look at 2k15 is because this is the first game that 2K is making with this license. WWE 2014 was THQ's game and the name was changed to 2k14 after 2K bought Yukes a couple months prior to release.

So people are interested and hoping that 2K will make the license fresh again. Beyond this, nobody truly cares about this title due to it having less innovation than even Madden does on a yearly basis.

reaperman1418d ago

And once again another false article. The people who write these things really should check out all the information that they have to make sure it is actually correct.
In the article when talking about the Hulkamania edition of the game is says the following...
These packages will include: a collectible art card with a printed Hulk Hogan autograph. Wrong.
Hulk Hogan actually signed all 25,000 cards himself so they are not printed.
Just like the previous titles which came with the collectable cards 2013 was signed by Stone Cold Steve Austin and 2014 was signed by The Undertaker.