inFAMOUS Game Informer Scans

gaffyh, a member of has scanned in the new inFAMOUS picture's from Game Informer.

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ngg123453837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

OMG. I'm in awe, is this actually a sandbox game. Probably bullshots though seeing how this game is delayed till next year.

DJtyler3837d ago

Is this game really similar to "prototype" or is it just me?

MK_Red3837d ago

DJtyler, you're not alone. The game have many similarities though Prototype has a more one colored theme but game gameplay wise they are both about mixing sandbox with superhero abitilties.

theKiller3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

but the question is who was made first?? and did they even know about each other??

here is what i think, i think prototype is like a person with powers of The Incredible Hulk, and inFamous is like powers of spiderman or similar in a way that he shoot things from his hand!

my bet is on inFamous because its sony made game and its exclusive, so they will try to set new bar of that genre or at least i hope!! multiplatform games just aren't that much appealing!! with the exception of some games!!


infamous looks like it will have a deep story with a lot of mysteries(prototype looks like just like the hulk experiment so far)!! i hope they will focus on the character a lot!!

now let me go back to the scanned mag and see what i can learn more of inFamous!

Panthers3837d ago

All I know is that the Good/Bad karma system sounds really intuitive and complex. Not just the "save the guy or kill him" deal.

MK_Red3837d ago

Well, both games were officialy unveiled during E3 2007. InFamours during Sony's note and Prototype by the GameInformer issue of July (The same month as E3).

Also, powerwise, they are not really different. Sure there are enviromental differences but Prototype and InFamouse have a lot in common.
Still with much more colorful style, promise of real player choice impact on city and finally, history of Sucker Punch are in favor of InFamous but Prototype looks really sick as well.

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ngg123453837d ago

Disappointed big time. :(. Another game delayed?

DJ3837d ago

It was never mentioned or announced for O8. This, along with Heavy Rain and Wardevil looked like 2009 titles.

SUP3R3837d ago

Mmm Spring '09 is shaping up pretty nicely.
FFXIII rumored for Spring '09
God of War 3 rumored for Spring '09
inFamous releasing Spring '09

Killzone 2 in Feb.
Damn that's a great stretch of gaming.

Panthers3837d ago

No delay here. This game was never given a release date.

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pwnmaster30003837d ago

this will kill gta4.
better graphics and looks like better gameplay to.

dis also kill crackdown.

power of Green 3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

It will have stiff competition in the sandbox genre in 2009 with games like 2 days 2 vegas and APB if you chose to put all sandbox games in the same light. Not sure inFAMOUS is a good game to compare to standard sanbox titles(GTA4). There's also a couple of multi platform games I forgot the names of. lol

You must have been talking about CrackDown's gameplay not its cartoony cell-shaded visuals lol. Comparing Cell-shaded games with a game thats 3 shades of poop isn't logical lol.

If you favor Science Fiction in the Sandbox genre you'll like that better by default.

CrackDown was a good game if it had the depth of games like Saints Row and GTA it would have been stellar what do you know about InFAMOUS that warrents your comments?. lol

ngg123453837d ago

Won't even get a 50% gamerankigns score.Don't know about APB thoguh. Seeing how I haven't seen any gameplay, or screens.

pwnmaster30003837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

typical power of green the biggest xbot

always depending on multi

u kno that 2 days 2 vegas is a multi and plus we got lots more games sandbox style

eight days and getaway is not canceled they say they stopped making for now but they didnt say they canceled.

i kno
i think he started going mental wen e3 07 started.
thats wen ps3 started to rise

muddygamesite3837d ago

Dont worry about people like him. Mental problems.

SUP3R3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

2 Days 2 Vegas vs. inFamous??
Get Real POG.
Fresh horsesh*t looks better than 2 Days 2 Vegas

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BlackIceJoe3837d ago

Infamous really looks great and I can't wait to see what will be shown at E3. Plus ngg12345 Sucker Punch never said Infamous was an 08 game.

NovusTerminus3837d ago

One thing I am worried about. They are not saying anything about melee combat.

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