Ed Boon's Latest Mortal Kombat X Character Tease: Match the Feet

Mortal Kombat X disappointed many viewers on Twitch with its PAX Prime Demo containing no new character announcement. The notoriously enigmatic franchise creator Ed Boon couldn't leave it at that. With his most latest tweet, he seems to have revealed six more characters for the MKX roster ... by revealing their feet.

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Donnywho1361d ago

That netcode, MK9, I can't forget. Make me forget, please.

GenericNameHere1360d ago

4, One, U. There's a Wii U version coming?

CorndogBurglar1360d ago

Noob Saibot, Jax, Kung Lao, Frost, Jarek, and I don't know

nightcrawler1360d ago

Shinook is the last one :)

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