First Peggle 2 PS4 Screenshots Released

Hardcore Gamer: Following today's sudden announcement that former Xbox exclusive Peggle 2 would be making its way to PS4, the first batch of screenshots were released.

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Dudebro901416d ago

It was announced a timed exclusive day 1, not an exclusive. Good fact checking there.

SoapShoes1416d ago

But Xbox fans clearly didn't know that or they wouldn't have put it in their huge lists of exclusives. lolol Not that I care but I just love it when those people who claim every system but theirs has no games gets one less thing to brag about.

gootimes1416d ago

Yes, there has been much obnoxious talk on here of PS4 haz no GAMEZZZ...

MRMagoo1231416d ago

What I don't get is people are complaining about ps plus games for next month yet in my opinion any of the free games are better or just as good as this peggle game, why does anyone care about this game, am I missing something?

SoapShoes1416d ago

Lol! I remember Xbone fanboys listing this game in their so-called "HUUUUGGEE" exclusives list. Now it's coming to PS4. What made it more funny is they downplayed games like Knack and Killzone but listed this as if it were the best.

DJustinUNCHAIND1416d ago

Peggle 2 is, at the very least, more enjoyable than both Knack and Killzone combined.

gootimes1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Not to mention Ryse, fighter within and dead rising 3 combined, at the VERY least.

SoapShoes1416d ago

I enjoyed both of those games and Peggle 2. Those who downplayed it were really 95% just haters that never played them.

Man_Marmalade1416d ago

Only thing that comes to mind every time I hear about peggle 2

Apocwhen1416d ago

Pushing the PS4 to its limmits

RiPPn1416d ago

So what exclusive does the Xbox have left, Forza 5..?

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