5 Destiny Features you should be stoked for

Simon at Game Cupid talks about 5 things that make the wait until the Destiny launch on September 9th an agonizing chore.

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ssjkiet1483d ago

"It's about to go down" - Kevin Hart.

Matt6661481d ago

I'm still unsure about this game there are parts that put me off and there are other parts of the game that I think yea this seems good.

I think I wait for the final product and try it at a friends house or something.

Dynasty20211483d ago

The loot system is designed to get you into raids, ie the main, end-game content.

And yet 80%+ won't ever play a raid due to friends requirements.

Anyone see a problem there? How long before people put the game down as they realize they're grinding gear with no purpose?

Diablo 3 tried that and failed, hard.

"New gear makes you more powerful though!"

So? For what exactly? What am I to do with this new-found extra power?

Grind more dailies and strikes so I can...grind dailies and strikes quicker?

ShowGun9011483d ago

i think saying over 80% will never do a raid is a little presumptious, considering that you have absolutely no data to back that up (you cant LOL), and secondly, I know 3 people who hit the friend limit on the ps3 just adding people they play COD with... just random people with a positive k/d. the point is, if you wanna play a raid, and have NO friends to play online with, it takes 4 seconds to get some people added to play with... heck, during the beta I added 2 people, and i had 3 people to play with that i knew!

adding friends is incredibly easy, and i think this is a non-issue, that, once the game launches, nobody will talk about again...

T2X1483d ago

I agree. I already have my crew ready for Destiny, there's actually about 12 of us right now. I mean if you have any friends at all (And it's hard not to have a boatload if you play and communicate at all). You should be all set. Never could figure out what the big deal is. Unless someone wants to play the SP campaign only and they're mad that the game is angled at MP. If that's the case rent it. Or if they are worried about not having enough friends, hit up 6 people on these boards. There's still plenty of time. LOL!

N4Flamers1483d ago

I think he got the number from the beta. Of the 6 million people that played the beta only 7 - 800 k visited the forums or used the companion app. Thats 1/6th of the people that played. Obviously you're going to have friends that play you're on a gaming site posting comments. You're obviously invested in game culture.

Ot. This article was just stupid. I hate to call someones opinion dumb but there it is.

1. Excited about picking a destination on a menu screen? Who on earth is that easily entertained? I found the free exploration with drop in play exciting.

2. Customizations were just ok. CCouldnt make my character turn or pan the camera and hopefully theres more. I was excited by the armor and the possible exotics that are well designed. Iron banner gear.

3. What is a shrike? Played the beta but he doesn't know they changed the name to sparrow. It was in the beta. I loved the sparrow.

4. Excited about emotes? They could have been dond better by mapping them to a fly out menu on the dpad. This would free up the dpad for things that are actually useful like highlighting targets to your fire team.

5. Multi-player. Duh.

Volkama1483d ago

It'll still be an issue post-launch, at least enough that it still warrants discussion.

I would not be surprised if there is already a plan to allow pickup groups to do older raids down the line as fresh new content starts getting added for the co-ordinated groups of friends. Probably with an easier difficulty reducing the benefit and necessity of comms.

N4Flamers1483d ago


People have created a few looking for guardian web apps. I dont know why they wouldn't just implement a clan system in game if they want people to join clans and partner up. I hope they come up with something too. I get the impression that the destiny we'll play next year will be different from the launch version.

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TRD4L1fe1483d ago

I think 80% is a little high. If people really want to do raids then its simple. make friends while doing strikes OR join a clan that will be playing Destiny. I joined a clan for Titanfall because i had nobody to play it with and now im gonna be playing Destiny with that same clan. I like the no matchmaking system for raids. from what i understand so far about raids is that I absolutely dont wanna do them with random strangers who wont be communicating with me, and also the fact that these raids are gonna take a long time to complete so how many people do you think will sit there and play and cooperate with you if you met them thru a matchmaking system. people get frustrated and people leave. happened to me many times in just the strikes so why would i want that to happen during a raid? I know there are anti-social gamers out there, shoot i used to be one, but theres plenty of groups and clans that are going to be playing this game.

hakeem09961483d ago

if you can't make 5 friends by the time you hit Lvl 20 ,you one antisocial freak and no should feel sorry for you . Seriously who bitches about the fact that they have to make 5 friends .that's just sad

isa_scout1483d ago

What the heck is a shrike? The speeder bikes are called Sparrows. I dint know about the comm static if you weren't in a party chat so that's pretty cool, but with no way to communicate with people that aren't in your fireteam I always played the Alpha and the Beta in party chat with friends.

EFCFrost1482d ago

I was driving one of these during my playtime. I guess I got the names mixed up. That's an easy fix. Thanks for spotting that :D

Am_Ryder1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )


Aren't Shrikes the bigger vehicles which were in the Crucible adversarial multiplayer mode?

Sparrows are the speed bike-like things, Shrikes are the heavier one-seater weaponised ones, right?

Reek1483d ago

Shrike is the first Sparrow you get in the game.

The ones with mounted guns aren't Sparrows, they're called Pikes!

Am_Ryder1477d ago

Nice one- and yeah I knew Sparrows were the smaller bikes you get from the start!

4 days to go!