Lizard Squad Update: Hacker Group Holds Reddit AMA

Last night, Lizard Squad, the hacker group supposedly behind this week's DDoS attacks on PlayStation Network held an AMA on Reddit.

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MasterCornholio1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Grab your torches and pitchforks.

We as gamers need to eliminate these scumbags from the earth.

Death to the lizard squad!!!!


I'm kidding about killing them but these people are real aholes in my opinion.

iamnsuperman1420d ago

Which is why we should ignore it. Nothing more embarrassing than starting a AMA with no one there

wannabe gamer1420d ago

lol attention whores, it would be great if no one participated that would really piss them off.

scark921420d ago

Haha I hope that happens xD
I am surprised they are still around! :O

thejigisup1420d ago

I do like the idea of Facebook being taken down... as long as my gaming servers are left untouched. Ntm any group that claims something is too hard for them clearly aren't professionals, pros would get the job done.

Kane221420d ago

stop giving them freaking attention. this is what they want. just freaking stop. im so sick and tired of hearing about the a-holes.

user95589031420d ago

You sound like a 12 year old girl

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