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Feast Your Eyes On Leaked 1080p Screenshots From The Driveclub Beta

An anonymous source sent us over a plethora of in-game screenshots to share with you. The cockpit view images aren’t that exciting, but when you see some of the damage later on, it gets really impressive. Check the images out in the gallery on the site and let us know what you think. (Driveclub, PS4)

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Nathan170  +   335d ago
Gorgeous game!
Curious about ps plus edition.(even if Im not a big racing fan)
Cindy-rella  +   335d ago
best car game I've ever seen visually on any gaming platform.
Daz  +   335d ago
i have to disagree after seeing them screenshots. but the game play is much better then these screens.

Edit. Why you thing i said the game play (A video) much better then these screenshots?

They are just bad screenshots and not a good way to show this game off.

The rain video is a good example how this game looks.
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Kayant  +   335d ago

Those shots are compressed and are not 1080p btw.

These are better and there is a video also - http://neogaf.com/showpost....

Need to watch on PC to see if the powerlines are indeed fixed as it looks like it from tablet at least.
nirwanda  +   333d ago
@kayant I'd really like to watch the video from the link you posted but the link isn't working.
Kayant  +   333d ago

Oh right sorry about that

nirwanda  +   333d ago
Thanks kayant have a bubble.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   333d ago
The PS Plus edition is basically ten cars. They were saying last Fall that it would be minus a few cars and tracks, apparently a few is forty.
Nathan170  +   335d ago
For the ones who played the beta.
Is it any good?(for someone who doesnt play a lot of racing games)
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xHeavYx  +   333d ago
I played the beta yesterday at PAX. I'm not very good at driving games, but the controls feel really good (I rolled out of control a few times, but that was my fault) and of course the visuals are great
UltraNova  +   333d ago
Did you use a dual shock or a steering wheel? Was there any noticeable lag between your input and the car's reaction? Finally, how did the game-play feel, arcadie or did it lean more to the simulation side?
Elzer  +   333d ago
Pretty bad graphics compared to Gamescom. If the downgrade is said to be true. Then Forza Horizon 2 Is looking much better. Open world game with better graphics and much more content. People underestimating the xbox one. There are still specs unspecified of the xbox one. PS4 is no where near 50% more powerful. Those that claim xbox one can't reach 1080p, architecture is much more complicated and tools are not even close to optimum standards. DX12 is a real deal. Phil spencer said it won't make much difference because xbox one already has DX12. Dev kits are now taking advantage of it little by little. 2015 E3!!!! I called it!
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Brettman2008  +   333d ago
PS4 has 50% more powerful GPU and faster ram. Xbox One hardware is fixed and neither DX12 nor any other 'secret sauce' will change that.
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retro_  +   333d ago
aaaaaand back in the real world. I played the Beta and it plays great, graphically strong and game play is fun. I'm no longer into driving games as such but I was impressed. No idea re downgrade but it looked decent to me.
Sm00thNinja  +   333d ago
Wow Brettman ya don't say?!
MrSec84  +   333d ago
Gamersyde has much better examples and they look much better than Forza Horizon 2.
You'll also notice that Turn 10 hasn't said that FH2 is actually running on XB1.

All of Xbox One's specs are known about, there's no stacked GPU or anything else to boost system performance above the 12CU (50% less than PS4), 16 ROP (100% less than PS4), 48TMU GPU (50% less than PS4) it already has.
Even the higher clock speed of the GPU in Xbox One doesn't make much of a difference, not with PS4 packing so much more hardware.

8GBs of DDR3, with a Real world speed of 55GB/s vs 8GBs of GDDR5 at 172GB/s means PS4's main memory is a little over 3X faster than Xbox One's main memory.

GDDR5 is faster than eSRAM (it's 150GB/s vs 172GB/s) in Xbox One, so PS4 definitely trumps Xbox One in RAM performance and flexibility.

PS4's GPU is also 40% faster.
DX12 can't make up for the gap in RAM and GPU performance that PS4 has over XBox One as both system's will be coded as efficiently as both companies can and considering how much the ICE team made out of PS3's hardware it's safe to say we're still a ways off of seeing the best the PS4 can offer.

The fact DX11 PC's with a 7770 can outperform even PS4 in multi-plats shows that developers aren't coding the system that well yet (it has a GPU superior to a 7850, on the same die as the CPU, which only means more efficiency in the set-up compared to comparable PC's), so there's a lot more potential in PS4 compared to Xbox One.

Sony's already shown a bit of what the system's capable of in games like Uncharted 4 and The Order that massively outdo what's been shown on Xbox One.
Hell even Quantum Break isn't very impressive compared to both of those games and Xbots love to use that as a supposed example of XB1 superiority.
Just like Turn 10, Remedy hasn't even confirmed that QB is actually even running on XB1 yet.
Dewitt  +   333d ago
Keep wearing that tinfoiled hat MrSec.
Nathan170  +   333d ago
Very interesting.
Steven3657  +   335d ago
Holy potato skins so good.
kiddCharlemagne  +   334d ago
that motion blur is going to make me nauseous
GreenUp  +   333d ago
That's the very first thing I noticed. It's definitely going to cause nausea. Motion blur needs a nerf, immediately. Hopefully there will be an option to turn it off.
GreenUp   333d ago | Trolling | show
llxKonanxll  +   333d ago
There's no motion blur in the actual game. IF there is. It's not to the extent of what's in these pictures. Just look at videos around the internet.

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1nsomniac  +   334d ago
Hmmm.... I thought there was a comment made by Evolution Studios that the game hadn't received a downgrade?

I was worried when I heard them make that comment because I've been so lucking forward to this game. I understand this is a Beta but those are the worst images I've seen of the game since it was initially announced.

What happened?? I hope these are just really bad screenshots!
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WeAreLegion  +   334d ago
They are horrible screenshots. I assure you. I'd upload a picture from the beta if it were legal.
lifeisgamesok  +   333d ago
I heard that the day time races don't look nearly as good as the night ones
johndoe11211  +   333d ago | Funny

I've heard that you can't say anything good about a game that's not on an xbox system.
A01234567  +   333d ago

The perfect comment, sarcastic, funny, properly written, etc... all at the same time. If I could bubble you for Well Said, Funny and Intelligent all at the same time I would.

Well done. :P
Enemy  +   333d ago
"What happened" lol. Could you show a better racing game? Could you point out the downgrade?
maadsheikh  +   333d ago
I guess it's because previously there was footage like this from Gamescon:
Enemy  +   333d ago
@ maadsheikh: Different time of day, different weather settings, different car, different lighting (due to, again, time of day).
reko  +   333d ago

Salty? 😂
ps4fanboy  +   334d ago
Evolution need to come out fighting tomorrow and put this troll story to sleep, as it was a beta(possibly lower assets due to download size etc) , and the screenshots taken from a compressed video.

But I just hope evolution come out and say something as they are the professionals and can tell the trolling experts what's what.
GribbleGrunger  +   333d ago
They don't have to say a word. We've seen plenty of footage to realise these do not represent how the game actually looks. I find it really odd that after hundreds and hundreds of extraordinary screenshots and dozens of incredible gameplay videos, just a handful of badly taken screenshots brings the game into disrepute. Anyone who considers this 1% over the other 99% clearly has an agenda ... or they visit a certain site that spreads misinformation to make people feel better.

I can't understand why some people keep putting themselves though this. As soon as the game releases, they'll look like a right Charlie (as they always do). All they're doing is setting the scene for video and screenshot comparisons of a certain other racer, to which the replies will either be: 'I think our game looks better' or 'But our game is open world'.
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1nsomniac  +   333d ago
I wouldn't call it an agenda I would call it mass confusion.

Surely these screenshots are just not from Driveclub at all? I mean look at them it has to be fake surely. They look absolutely nothing like what we have seen before unless we have been fed bullshit all this time..
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johndoe11211  +   333d ago
I don't think that that is driveclub at all. Those pictures look absolutely nothing like the game. Someone is trying very very hard to discredit this game.
llxKonanxll  +   334d ago
Praise the sun!
garos82  +   333d ago
If only i could be so grossly incandescent
jay2  +   334d ago
Renting/getting the + edition if i liked this, played it in London at the cafe when they had demos, very disapoined
ps4fanboy  +   334d ago
I'll put my little bit in though , the colour palette looks all wrong in the sunny(india)? Setting , looks like the textures are lost as is the shine (all compression issues?)

I'm evolution and driveclub biggest fan , but I'll admit the colour palette is worrying , but I'm sure their is a reason for this issue , maybe the compression has affected the look of the palette also?

I'm not a video editor or a photographer or a cameraman , so any professionals opinion or evolutions would be welcome.
Psygnosis333  +   333d ago
I am not profesional photografer either..but in this screens there is less quality then previously drive club footage..and hands of the driver looks so plastic :\ maybe because of sunny - different lighting ..I'm not sure
voltron420170  +   333d ago
looks like a ps2 game now wtf happened?
ramiuk1  +   333d ago
ffs dude,no it doesnt look like a ps2 game
Jihaad_cpt  +   333d ago
Trolling so hard
lfc_4eva  +   333d ago

Sorry Sony fans but that comment made me wee. hehehehehe.

But in all seriousness, it does look nice.
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AutoCad  +   333d ago
is it just me or this game got downgraded..
G20WLY  +   333d ago
No, it's not just you, there's a full horde of trolls stampeding through this section.

I've seen more impressive video footage of the game and anyone that's played it will tell you how great it looks. Why not just wait and see the finished article rather than panicking?
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PCBOX   333d ago | Trolling | show
G20WLY  +   333d ago
^Oh look everyone! I caught me a troll with no bait whatsoever! :^D

If you'd actually played it, you wouldn't be saying that - and that's how I can be certain you're trolling.
Boody-Bandit  +   333d ago
Listen upG2OWLY
I'm going to let you keep this troll but you better feed it, walk it and clean up after it.

If I end up having to do any of the above because of your lack of effort? Back under the bridge it goes!

On topic:
There have been a ton of images and videos released of Drive Club looking a h3ll of a lot better than the images this site is providing.

Check out this video of DC beta (requires download). It's stunning.
#11.1.3 (Edited 333d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
G20WLY  +   333d ago
lol, thanks Boody! There's just so many to choose from here at the troll sanctuary, but this one's 'special'... :^P

Thanks for sharing the video; that's exactly what I'm talking about - eff knows what this site is trying to pull, but anyone writing the game off due to these (disingenuous?) screenshots is going to miss out.
Batt1eRatt1e  +   333d ago
I can't imagine what joke of a game this was at the PS4 launch time. Are we sure this isn't an iOS or Android racing game?
sin7279  +   333d ago
This is the best looking racing game ever! only not for trolls and stupid fanboys!
blakstarz   333d ago | Bad language | show
waltyftm  +   333d ago
Stunning and at certain times breathtakingly real, these screens don't do it justice, yet still manage to look better than any other console racer.
Software_Lover  +   333d ago
Maybe someone can explain who/what/how the top stories are decided or picked. Is there an algorithm used? There are more important stories than this one that never make it. Then there are those that have 100+ comments that don't make it.

IMHO this isn't a top story.
ghostface9  +   333d ago
with only 50 cars in the final product the game is basically one big beta
ChuckTheIceMan  +   333d ago
Driving games are only fun for a couple days for me.
castillo  +   333d ago
Sweet day one
mochachino  +   333d ago
With all the blur effects it seems like the beauty of this game will only be able to appreciated in motion.
horndog  +   333d ago
I thought they were only making this for ps4? Looking good on ps3 though but nothing like the videos I've seen from ps4.
voodoogts  +   333d ago
Horrible screen shots. Looks super downgraded from previous shots.
Batt1eRatt1e  +   333d ago
Dat downgrade doe
kenshiro100  +   333d ago
Maybe you guys need to watch a non - compressed video before jumping to conclusions.
windblowsagain  +   333d ago
1080p ss in miniature?
MCTJim  +   333d ago
These can't be uncompressed. These shots do not do the game any justice.
Good-Smurf  +   333d ago
The amount of fail/stupid trolls.
..I'm not even...
Ah shut the hell up you trolls!
Batt1eRatt1e  +   333d ago
DriveClub is gonna get spanked by Forza Horizon 2 in scores so bad it'll be a depressing day for Sony racing fans.
GMW  +   333d ago
I know because Forza Horizon2 lets you drive your Pagani Huayra through farm fields, across plains, up and down stair cases, etc. It is just too real since you can do it in real life.... - end of sarcasm. I will admit for the first few minutes its fun to be able to drive your car across the scenery irrespective of its ground clearance and lack of 4X4 tech.

However, after those first minutes it gets boring and feels too unrealistic and spoils the racing somewhat as I don't want people 'cheating' by cutting through impossible scenery. While I like my arcade racers as much as my simulation racers, that is just to far out there but to each his own, as they say.
Dubstep_Kingz79  +   333d ago
the crew is gunna spank all yall so shut the fuck up while forza has 1 thing going n thats skins n thats it wow forza aint gunna touch shit esp on the crew so take ur 2x5 maps n rotate on it cause in end the king of racer this year is gunna be the crew how to feel to be sonys bitch !!!!
FreakyFox  +   333d ago
I don't need anymore screenshots to tell me how great Driveclub is.

People comparing Forza to Driveclub need to be aware that Forza Horizon 2 plays more like a Need for Speed game, that does not mean Forza will be a bad game. I like that Forza is getting classic cars like Ford Capri etc.

Driveclub is different beast, even with just 50 cars, the attention to detail is through the roof, no matter what console you like better , if you cant see that, then you are just plain in denial.
Ryan741  +   333d ago
Dam, has this had a stealth downgrade? Needs to stop!!!
ion53  +   333d ago
the blur from the actual driving gameplay doesn't help... If we had uncompressed stills, that'd show off the game
Locknuts  +   333d ago
Yep. It's a racing game alright.
kingvendrick  +   333d ago
This comment thread is like a troll convention.

I have a simple explanation, the saltier the comments the greater the butthurt.

Face it trolls DC looking fine. Whats wrong, p155ed cos it craps on Borza Horizon lol.

Downgrades ppht whatever.

OT DC = day 1 for me.
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