PAX 14 – Until Dawn is as Awkward as it is Creepy (Twinfinite)

Until Dawn brings some scares, but also some confusing tone and frustrating controls in this PAX Prime 2014 hands on preview.

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ArchangelMike1300d ago

I find it odd that people want game developers to innovate and create more immersion and interaction with games. However, when a developer innovates and does anything more than use the thumb stick and face buttons for controls, people start to complain that the controls are weird and gimmicky?

I'm looking forward to this game though, I don't mind motion controls, as long as the devs give us options to toggle stuff on and off, I guess everyone will be happy.

HeWhoWalks1300d ago

It's the nature of things. That's why most devs don't try anything new - which is a shame.

Glad you see something in the game, though. I do to. A cross between past successful games with its own flavor. The preview also wasn't too bad, either. As he noted, needs a tad more time to cook, which it will get, since the game is at least 6 months away.

Torque_CS_Lewith1300d ago

Must every criticism of anything playstation be met with such defensive reaction?!
I mean sweet lord you have never even touched this game and already you are jumping down the throat of someone who has had actual hands on experience. Not everything Sony does is golden okay? Sometimes weird controls are just weird and it is okay to say so if they aren't innovative.

WeAreLegion1300d ago

Why do you assume that user is only saying that to defend Sony? What did he or she say to imply that? Are you just assuming?

ArchangelMike1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

@ Torque

err... I didn't mention Sony, nor did I mention Playstation. I addressed a general response to "game developers" - it was a general statement.

Moreover, motion controls are not exclusive to Sony, or to Playstation. You are obviously unaware that the Nintendo Wii, the Wii U, the Xbox 360, as well as the Xbox One all have motion controls. And the criticism is generally the same across the board regarding motion controls - they are gimmicky.

But as I said, I don't mind motion controls and I hope that developer will continue to innovate with it - regardless of platform.

andibandit1300d ago

Not really what i was hoping to hear, hopefully theres time to fix things

MoreRPG1300d ago

I saw the gameplay and i wasn't impressed.

sipale1300d ago

Really not feeling this game... I love Telltale games' games, but in a horror game like this, the concept of pointing and clickig seems a bit off. Im stating this solely based on the 23min gamescom demo i saw, but who knows, maybe this game will eventually prove me wrong. But for the moment being, watching the demo, I just wanted both the girl and the guy to get killed. lol

BitbyDeath1299d ago

Did you not play Heavy Rain?

PaleMoonDeath1300d ago

This game has a powerful idea behind it, but the characters just don't fit what could be incredible.