Is Nintendo’s latest 3DS redesign the ‘New 3DS’ a good idea?

Does Nintendo releasing yet another version of its popular 3DS handheld make any sense?

Well, sort of.

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pat_11_51416d ago

Even with all this said, I still really want one.

darthv721416d ago

agreed. but then again I like variants so i would buy this no matter what. it also helps that my 3ds has a broken screen and i am in the market for a replacement.

Now i can just wait until this one comes out.

CaspuR1416d ago

Why is it so hard for nintendo to add a number to there console name? I mean seriously, it seems like nintendos #1 goal is to confuse the hell out of people. new 3ds? seriously? How long is that name going to be relevant for?

BrandanT1416d ago

Why is it so hard for Microsoft to put their numbers in order.

RosweeSon1416d ago

Until we go 4D of course, sure it's a little confusing but if it's too hard work to read into something before you buy and can't decipher between the different versions then you prob should be going back to college first before you get into gaming, it's really not hard with a little browse and looking into it. Come on it's not the first time a console has been revised and will not be the last, xbox one will be next then ps4 (next years e3 no doubt)

--Onilink--1416d ago

because its not a new handheld, its an iteration of the 3DS. If people didnt get confused by DS, DS Lite, DS XL, DSi... they wont get confused by this.

I think people here forget (or maybe they were too young), the Game Boy had some pretty huge revisions too, Gameboy->GameBoy Pocket->GameBoy Color.

If anything, the GBA has been the only exception

NukaCola1416d ago


See it's not a new model, it's a new system in which some games will now have to run exclusively for. It's basically beefed up a tad bit but now alienates former 3DS users. This is where the problem is looking to lie.

gootimes1416d ago

Can current 3DS games be played on the new 3ds redesign?

--Onilink--1416d ago


Its not a new system, as far a we are concerned, maybe 2-3 games end up being exclusive.

The N64 that included an expansion pack wasnt a new system. And there where games that couldnt be played without it.

The DSi eshop games didnt make the DSi a new system, it was still a revision.

The Color screen in the GameBoy Color, with games that would be impossible to play without seeing the colors, didnt make it a new system, it was still a revision.

A 2x (maybe even less) increase in power, with the same OS, same format, same library do not make a new system. Want to know how much of an upgrade was there between the DS and 3DS? 32x the capacity.

It might be a significant revision (which is perfectly fine by me), but its a revision nonetheless

3-4-51416d ago's NOT A NEW handheld, just a re-vision.

Why can't you be intelligent enough to comprehend that?

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RosweeSon1416d ago

Same here I've already upgraded, what's another (last time) for a superior version of an already fantastic console, hope they have some cool special editions in the near future think I'll hang around for one of them.

cleft51416d ago

Same here, kind of glad I waited on the 3DS and brought a Vita instead now.

dboyman1416d ago

I would. New features, more buttons, analog nub for 3d games, better hardware on inside. And the biggy: Now I can plan Xenoblade Chronicles on the go....

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tastas211416d ago

I'd rather buy potato salad.

darthv721416d ago

mustard, german or regular?

pat_11_51416d ago

Tastas sounds like a mustard kind of dude.

dragunrising1416d ago

I'll take some Amish Potato salad :-)

Magicite1416d ago

Its easy to make your own.

randomass1711416d ago

Yes and no. It's better hardware but it also fragments the people playing 3DS games. I think Nintendo has done this before so it probably won't be so bad in the long term.

jholden32491416d ago

I don't know why people keep saying this will fragment those playing 3DS games.

It's still a 3DS. They're going to continue releasing 3DS games. The only games that won't be able to run on the older iterations hardware, are games that wouldn't be able to run on the old iterations hardware anyways. That's the advantage. Before we were limited to what games could come to the system. This opens the floodgates, as evidenced by Xenoblade Chronicles.

So basically everything goes on as normal. Nintendo keeps releasing 3DS games, those games will be playable on any iteration of 3DS. The only difference is that those who have upgraded to the newest hardware, will have the added benefit of playing a few select games that would have never ran on the original hardware in the first place.

There's almost 50,000,000 3DS owners out there. Developers aren't going to stop making their games playable on the older hardware. In fact, I doubt any third-party developers would even dare to bring a game to the new 3DS that can't run on the old hardware. They want their sales number. Nintendo, however, will probably be good for a select few games that will only run on the new iteration, but since those games could have never ran on the older hardware anyways, current 3DS owners are losing nothing. It's a game they never would've played anyways, because the system can't handle it.

And I'm sure the games can be developed in a way similar to that of PC. So for games that can run on the original hardware, which will probably be over 95% of them, those games could have an ultra setting of sorts. That way those who have upgraded get the added benefit of better visuals and performance. But the games will still play normal for everyone else.

So it's not really a fragmentation that will occur, just a segment of 3DS owners that will have the added benefit of playing a few games that everyone else can't- games that otherwise would have never come to the system anyways.

NukaCola1416d ago

So basically since it is more powerful you have to buy this for those beefed games or else you're screwed? So will Nintendo gimp New3DS games so they run on older 3DS systems? Or will sheep follow and buy this slightly different version? You have to know this isn't about graphics which can easily work to adjust per 3DS you use. But processing power is different. Games of massive scale won't work. So say they put Borderlands 2 on New 3DS. It could visually work on any 3DS, but never actually run on old 3DS's just because the system does not have the processing power to do so.

SpiralTear1416d ago

If it means getting Xenoblade Chronicles on a handheld, I think I'll manage.