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Console Monster gives MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots 100%

Console Monster reviews Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

"Hello? Is that Mr Smith? Yeah it's your employee Russell. Sorry to tell you this *cough* but I've come down with a stinking cold in the middle of the summer. Yeah I know, crazy! I won't be at work for at least *sneeze* two weeks."

Sound familiar? Well if you're one of the countless millions who love to play video games, and know anything about them, then that quoted telephone conversation above would of likely been uttered - or at least words to that effect. That's because one of the most highly anticipated games of the last few years has finally made its mark on the PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Full review at the jump. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 100/100

ape007  +   2631d ago
this game is flawless

deserves 150 out 100

one of the best games of all time

now ps3 is a must buy console,anyone who call himself a gamer must buy this instant classic.

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juuken  +   2631d ago
Playing this game tonight.
It deserves 200%.
I have never seen a game that pays so much attention to detail and combat. I felt like I was in the middle of a real-time war.
mikeslemonade  +   2631d ago
Come on guys we have to bump up the metacritic score back up to 9.6!
ape007  +   2631d ago
no we can't,cause konami isn't like rockstar or bungie,make a crappy game with a crappy production values then pay to get bumped up

this will be remembered as the greatest game of all time and the most underrated game of all time,trust me
JackBauerIsHIGH  +   2630d ago
just wanted to say congrats on your team. it's the ONLY boston team i can support due to my NY blood (Pats and Red Sox can go to hell!)

OT: This game deserves every ounce of praise it is receiving. I want to rush through and play it but I can't stop creeping through the levels and admiring every inch of it!
aaquib5  +   2630d ago
It may be the best game I've ever played, but how is it under rated? All of my friends, even the hardcore xbox fans are going insane over the hype! Plus, don't forget that ratings from IGN + Gamespot + Gameinformer WERE ALL 10.0/10.0. Considering I pretty much only look at IGN anyways, it is in no way underrated to me. The only thing better I think is to give it a 12/10, because it really is a game worth MORE than $60 IMO.
Surfman  +   2631d ago
Let's laught at Eurogamer and GameDaily.
beavis4play  +   2630d ago
lets laugh at egm too...
they're still not reviewing it because they think kojima is hiding some "bad" issues with the game.

hey egm, MGS4 is one of the best(if not the best) games ever made. your review doesn't mean crap!
dvx uk  +   2631d ago
Not Played it yet
So theres NO faults??
SpenserTracy  +   2631d ago
It is really the best game i've ever played.
Surfman  +   2631d ago
honestly, the gameplay gets more fun minutes after minutes. And no, no flaws. Ok probably only the iPod, which is nice but would have been nice to add our own songs. You have a PS3? No choice: you have to buy MGS4. Best game i've ever play.
ape007  +   2631d ago
just play it dude,it will knock you out unconscious

brilliant man,just too good to be true.
Alexander Roy  +   2631d ago
It is one of the very rare games that better with every second you play. Every act brings something new into the gameplay and that is not just some talk, I guarantee you that. Every act has some unique gameplay. Period.
The story is beyond epic. I cried four times, no joke. If it wouldn't have been for the lack of sleep, I would have finished in one sitting (had to take a break after the first sitting of 12 (!) hours). Although I "only" needed about 16 hours to get through it on the first time through, it was worth every moment. This is more than just a game. This is the experience of a lifetime. THIS is ART. Kudos to Kojima for making the best game I personally ever played.
After the game there is MGO, which will keep you busy a long time - if you are into this kind of stuff, of course. It would be hard to not like it, though.
So, MGS4 has practically infinite replay value (scoring all the ranks, unlocking every thing, finding all easter eggs, simply experiencing it AGAIN because it IS that awesome) and MGO adds to that even more due to being online multiplayer.
Verdict? Buy it. Now. Seriously, stand up, go out and buy it. No way around it.
deeznuts  +   2630d ago
I haven't played it yet either ... but only because my Dad's receiver broke so I donated him mine. Why? Well my old one wouldn't take HDMI audio, so no high def audio on that receiver. Just bought an HK AVR247 ($225 from Harman's ebay store) with PCM over HDMI, so I can now play MGS4 over High Def Audio Surround Sound. Kojima didn't want to compress his audio, so you shouldn't either!

Just waiting for the damn receiver to come in. Gotta stay away from spoilers until then.
Ju  +   2631d ago
I can't agree more with this review. This game is remarkable. And, yes, it does 1080 even when 720 is on (and I don't really care, if that is upscaled or not. Visuals are just phenomenal).
Kratos_1986  +   2631d ago
totaly agree
mightydog01  +   2631d ago
MGS4 is more than epic
I can honestly say this is the best game I've ever played. Its Awesome in epic gameplay+gfx+sound and story its a master of a game one of a kind hands-down
Alexander Roy  +   2631d ago
I would like to comment on the quality of the game, but I can't. I don't know a word to describe the pure awesomness/epicness of MGS4.
Yeah, call me a fanboy. If you haven't played it, you missed something. Period.
Chuck Norris  +   2630d ago
It's "Chuck Norrific".
Close_Second  +   2631d ago
This is the first MGS game I have owned....
...and I now realise I have missed out on something big by not having experienced the others. No, I don't mean you have to play them before playing MGS4, I mean that I wish I had played the others cause if they were half as much fun as MGS4 then I would have been in gaming heaven.

MGS4 for me marks the second (exclusive) game for Sony that puts it on the next gen map. Sure the PS3 has some great games but if it were not for Uncharted and MGS4 it would have nothing that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

For me, MGS4 lives up to the hype and unlike GTAIV, deserves the scores its getting.
mightydog01  +   2630d ago
GOTY in every way
MGS4 is the best game I've ever played in my live time. It's a work of art everything is top notch in Awesomeness....One of a kind.....
Game of The Year in everything
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Kain81  +   2630d ago
MGS4 is absolutly MIND BLOWING
Iam in Act 4 and i must say this game is the best Game i ever Played so far.
Close_Second  +   2630d ago
heck...I have been playing...
...for about 4 hours and have only just completed Act I. I am taking my time and exploring almost everywhere and I'm not skipping any of the first rate cut scenes.

If nothing else, this game gives me a hankering for some well cooked eggs LOL.
kindi_boy  +   2631d ago
lol this game makes me want to cry everytime i think about it.
i finished the game 2 times now played it differently and still can't stop thinking about going back to play it again am thinking of making a Konami ID and try the Online part but i simply can't... i have to keep playing the game....... DAMN YOU KOJIMA TEAM!
Ali_The_Brit  +   2631d ago
i love this game so much, nearing the end of the second act, blown away by the first boss fight
Kain81  +   2630d ago
wait for the other acts
than you can speak about Mind Blowing.
Thios Game is More than Epic, best game i ever Played
PimpHandHappy  +   2630d ago
that 8 that MGS recieved
was complete junk

those guys always rate well below what normal ppl give it. The reason why is because they understand the video gaming media.

They say 60% of ppl who watch Fox news watch it because it makes them angry! Look at some websites the same way and you might start to have your own thoughts and not something some PR rep said in a interview with the website they fund
phello  +   2630d ago
Man mgs4 is unreal, it just keeps getting better and better. I was curious and said id take a look at metacritic and see where it stood and i am gobsmacked that it aint in the top 10 ratings wise, seriously this is not right, this game should really be on the top of the pile. Its hard to explain but it just gets some much right it aint even funny.
G1TR4P3D  +   2630d ago
Console Monster gives MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots 100%
Console who?
resistance100  +   2630d ago
They are on MetaCritic
sleepyk  +   2630d ago
another perfect score. definitely AAA material.
beavis4play  +   2630d ago
man, who doesn't feel like a total bad@ss with the amazing array of weapons and octocamo at your disposal.

really, i think octocamo is single best gadget ever put into a game.
PirateThom  +   2630d ago
I like the little controller flick to reset it back to default. :D

My God, even the use of SIXAXIS in the game is awesome!
Rageanitus  +   2630d ago
Im starting to hate alot of this reivew sites where they give game scores 100 percent... Is the game truly that perfect. I wish game reviews can be a bit more critical on their reviews..

Having said that Im pretty sure a realistic score for this game is 9/10
Azures  +   2630d ago
No it isn't. Their is no fault in the game, none.

Its a shooter but also a stealth game, an artistic vision but also a technical marvel. Every act is radically different from the last, you play this game 5 different ways and all of them are phenomenal; and you can even play each of the different acts in your own way, expanding your gameplay options further. With so much openness it also makes you want to move linearly with the story and game just to see what is thrown at you next.

The only games in production that could top this are the Final Fantasy titles. Everything else won't come close to this, they could be amazing games worthy of legendary status and still not match this. FFXIII would have to be the next VI, VII, or X in my opinion to achieve something greater.

And just like that, everyone. EVERYONE has a reason to own a PS3.

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