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"Since releasing inFamous: Second Son to critical acclaim earlier this year, Sucker Punch has delivered two bits of free DLC in Cole’s Legacy and Paper Trail. They’ve also updated the game with new photo mode to make it even easier for players to capture its beauty. inFamous fans have certainly gotten a lot of bang for their buck." - Joe Garcia

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ShowGun9011421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Glad to see first light getting positive reviews... but i really wish we could see the end of a number based system (really, whats the difference between a 9.25 and a 9.5?), and just end the review on "would you recommend it or not"... it would take alot of flame outta the comment sections if people couldn't argue about a 1% lead between metacritic scores. rule of thumb? greater than 70? think you'll like it? get it!

ChronoJoe1421d ago

Why do you need to see the end of a number based system when you can just ignore it, or simply generalise the scores.

I don't put much credence in the scores per se, if I see a 9, it just means the reviewer likes it. I don't look at all of the reviews then compare them to suggest that it means it's a better game than x other games with x other scores, by whatever margin. I don't think that's the point, it's just a slightly more quantified system on how much the reviewer liked the game.

Basically, I think you're putting too much credence in the scores, if you allow them to bother you.

ShowGun9011420d ago

eh, they don't really bother me, other people just take it waaaay to serious... i'd rather it just not exist LOL!

DefenderOfDoom21421d ago

Cool , can't wait to play this and INFAMOUS SS when i pick up a PS4 this holiday .

ShowGun9011421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

second son is pretty awesome, the powers are so "out of the box"... doing my evil/hard playthrough now! pretty sure you'll enjoy it!

Takwin1421d ago

First Light was a solid DLC, a good value, and good entertainment. I'd probably give it a solid 80. Second Son is my second fave game on PS4 so far, and is very fun and memorable, and I gave it at least a 90. Neither touch TLOU, but since that was my favorite game ever, I wasn't asking for that.

DanteVFenris6661421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I actually liked this dlc better then original. Neon was better then all of delsons combined and that is showed in the leaderboards were fetch triples delsins top score. Also more end game content and perk system was done a lot better. Trophy type things gave you perks instead of doing easy shit