PAX 14 – Lockout on Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Just as Great as You Remember (Twinfinite)

Muaz from Twinfinite writes:

Halo fans around the world have been salivating for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection since it was announced at E3 a few months ago. After spending a good amount of time playing the multiplayer, the wait until November is going to be excruciating.

Developer 343 has announced that the extremely popular multiplayer map, Lockout, would be added to the list of old remastered levels and was the map of choice for the demo I played. Running around for the first few seconds of the match, I felt as if I was transported back ten years, to my friend’s basement. I wasn’t as bad as I remember and it wasn’t long before I was running and gunning like I was 15 again.

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ScorpiusX1416d ago

SPARTAN 117 getting ready to deploy & lay down some beat downs .

XBLSkull1416d ago

Never understood the allure to lockout. It's not a good halo level unless it has a warthog, period.

4Sh0w1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

BS...if I remember correctly just grab that shotty and keep running back and forth from corner to corner on that upper level, great map, but it will help you sleep better if you just stay out of my way. lol

ScorpiusX1416d ago

The maps , the Halo nightfall series, the 4 halo games and the price are just extra icing.
Me being able to play Halo on my Xbox one is the cake & the best part .

IVanSpinal1415d ago

is a very good map but Headlong was Perfect

Farmassy1416d ago

This is the map we all knew they would announce but were all also waiting for... lockout is one of my favorite multiplayer maps of all time. I remember doing shotty snipers back in the day with my friends.


MRHARDON1416d ago

Wasnt Blackout from Halo 3 a remake also? They remade this map 2 times :P

Elit3Nick1416d ago

It's also the same with Coagulation and Zanzibar

Spid3r61416d ago

Cant wait to get my hands on this!

Axios21416d ago

Just as great as we remember, and now in 1080p at 60fps