Microsoft Will Challenge Sony Japan’s Press Conference with a 24 Hour Xbox One Launch Livestream

Sony Computer Entertainment is going to hold a formal press conference in Tokyo on Monday, while Microsoft won’t have a keynote before Tokyo Game Show. Yet the house of Xbox isn’t planning to be silent during the build-up towards Japan’s biggest game show, especially considering that the Xbox One is launching locally on September 4th.

In order to celebrate the launch Microsoft will hold a 24 hour launch marathon event starting at 8 PM local time on September 3rd and ending at the same time on September 4th.

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Lawboy21487d ago

What time will this be on the xbox one the other events...also what time would this be est

Eonjay1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

7Am EST.

So, XBO launches in Japan Next week. So what are you guys predicting for sales? What would be considered a success to you?

ScorpiusX1487d ago

3 to 5 time what the last Gen sold . My guess.

Eonjay1487d ago


The 360 Japan launch moved 62,135 units over 2 days according to Wiki. So you are predicting 180k to 300k.

vishmarx1487d ago

this is gonna be a gif goldmine

OrangePowerz1487d ago

15k week one is my prediction and after that quickly moving to around 1 000 a week.

4Sh0w1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Probably between 50-80k first weeks launch and then drop to 5-10 2nd week then a 1-2 if that but everything helps and its not like other consoles are flying off shelves so really the point is its good to expand to other markets.

choujij1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

@Eonjay "So what are you guys predicting for sales?"

Launch day sales, 55,000 with week total of 62,500.

kratoz12091487d ago

It will sell well in its first week than die a slow death

Loktai1487d ago

You know maybe given that the XB360 is known there it'll do better this time around. The economy is in the trash over there but Im going to guess 100k at launch and 20-30k a week for a month or two before starting to die down.

It has titanfall and thats mecha, dont discount the mecha.

NukaCola1487d ago

What are the JP launch titles?

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christocolus1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )


Will there be playable game demos at the launch event? Will scalebound be shown?Would love to see some top japanese devs talk about their upcoming ips for xbox one though. These are some of the things i wanna know.


Imagine if Phil announces a sequel to blinx, lostodysee or even otogi at the launch event. Damn. I would die of excitment.

Hmmm. I hope it goes great though.

All the best MS

Lawboy21487d ago

I wanna know these things too...

Also it's gotta be shown on the xbox live events app...please

iamnsuperman1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Why would Microsoft announce games at the system's launch. The makes no sense. No hype is built and the information will take time to trickle down to the consumer (if you have a game comming it is best to show something before the system launches to get good day one sales). If they had games they would have been announced last week or before. Not on the day of release. It is just going to be used to showcase current stuff we know but for the Japanese audience. Announcing new games at launch is not a good way to launch a system

4Sh0w1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

"Why would Microsoft announce games at the system's launch."

I don't know if they will but there's nothing wrong with launching with the known games, demoing them, AND announcing a couple future games coming to Japan.

I mean of course they are not going to announce 1 day AND release that game a day later at launch but how would showing off games that are going to be available right now at launch AND then making 1 or 2 announcements about games coming maybe specifically for Japan not build hype?

Dannyh1487d ago

They announced a game called mercury at chinajoy and the game look's action packed like gears of war, maybe they show it at tgs

shloobmm31487d ago

I'm not sure how people can disagree with your post but a New Otogi would be awesome. I loved that game, it was a graphical masterpiece and did destruction better than most games still to this day.

Loktai1487d ago

@shloobmm3 Dude Otogi! I forgot all about that
game until you mentioned it. Yeah a new one would
be awesome... I'd be jealous (no XB One)

memots1487d ago

oh boy oh boy. I want some of those graphic novel to america

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Magicite1487d ago

Ive a feeling, 2nd quarter of fiscal year will net MS a lot of loses (in xbox department).

Funantic11487d ago

That's diarrhea you're feeling. MS will do just fine.

OpieWinston1487d ago

When the "Computing and Gaming Hardware" department makes a profit of $893 Million with the cost of X1 R&D tacked on it...I don't think they'll have any problems with continuing to make profits.

Surface is selling just fine
Xbox is selling just fine, and will continue to sell.

Wake up kid and smell the fresh air.

Loktai1487d ago

Well I dont know about losses. Its possible for them to come in under quarterly projections... I doubt they'll hemorrhage money given they're probably pacing production with sales which have been predictable.

sinspirit1487d ago


Uh, Surface sales were bad at first. In order to sell a decent amount of them they are actually selling them at a loss to compete with others. XBox has also not made any money. It's lost Microsoft billions of dollars. Do you think Nokia and Windows phones are doing just fine as well?

n4rc1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I absolutely love giving people solid financial data.. 100% fact

Yet they still choose to not believe it.. The fanboy nonesense is more believable to them.. Lol

Nokia was bought for patents.. And no, windows phone isn't cleaning up.. But the division still made almost a billion.. And the surface pro 3 starts at $850.. I highly doubt they are taking a loss on them.

n4rc1486d ago

Still disagreeing . lol

Sad.. I honestly feel bad for you guys..

sinspirit1486d ago


You claim a lot of things, NEVER back it up with solid evidence, but always attempt to call someone else out for your own faults.

Nokia was bought for patents? Really? Do you know that you can buy rights to other people patents without buying a whole company? It's far cheaper.

Nokia lost tons of money on their Windows phones. Nokia lost $692 million in April. If Nokia was doing fine then they wouldn't agree to a buyout. They would have stayed independent and sold patent licenses. You don't even know the basics of business.

Surface sales were terrible. They cut prices early to try and get them off the shelves.

Where do you get your info? And, if the Windows phone division were only making $1 billion as a whole(or are you talking about strictly Nokia phones?), then that is still not much at all for a widely known mobile device that you can find for cheap now.

When you see products all you see are what the product is and what it sells for. You forget research and development, the steps it takes in manufacturing, and Microsoft's absurdly stupidest habit of all.. ridiculously expensive marketing campaigns.

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TruthInsider 1486d ago

I bet they have to pay people to turn up and pay actors to pretend to buy one and be happy.

Being happy owning a a Micro-transaction Xbone. That's something only an Oscar winning actor could pull off!

Microsoft Xbone - Who wants the best anyway?™

RedDevils1486d ago

why bother challenge no Japanese will care about M$ lol

come_bom1486d ago

If Xbox wants to challenge in Japan, then they need JRPG's. Western games aren't going to cut it over there.

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MCTJim1487d ago

smart move!! I guess its taking a page out of Nintendos playbook but its all live instead :D

AngelicIceDiamond1487d ago

Nintendo already mastered that space. Good new overall for MS though.

CBaoth1487d ago

How? By copying the last few years of G4TV's live E3 coverage? Or by neutering the excitement of a live event with hammy pre-scripted TV bits? I fail to see to see how they "mastered" anything except not showing up for industry events. I'm sorry that's wrong, they put up booths I hear.

iamnsuperman1487d ago

It isn't really. Nintendo directs are smart because they are designed to build hype for future products but I am unsure what Microsoft aims to gain here. Surely the future products should have been talked about way before the launch day. It is going to be what we already now but they demoing it for the Japanese audience.

shloobmm31487d ago

There are still quite a bit of japanese developed games that have been hinted at but never shown. i imagine this will be a chance to shed light on some of those projects also.

sinspirit1487d ago

Well, they have tried advertisements. They are trying another publicity stunt to attract Japanese consumers.

I think this will be their most successful try at the Japanese crowd, but ultimately will still end in failure for the market.

Kavorklestein1486d ago

You actually have NO idea what it's going to be like until it happens, right? Just like the rest of us?

Plus you don't know all the ins and outs of what they are going to do or show, so go ahead and keep guessing. This could be a launch even that also has sneak peeks at future titles that are ONLY coming out in japan, and it could be very cool, or it could be very boring.. but still- nobody knows for sure.

There's plenty of stuff we don't know about when it come to gaming, and the future, so you can stop acting like you somehow know it all, as well as all the other fortune tellers on N4G

theRell1487d ago

They sure do know how to pull off a launch event.

DarkZane1487d ago

Too bad no one in Japan is even gonna care.

Dlacy13g1487d ago

Oh I am sure someone will care.

DigitalRaptor1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Microsoft are not even challenging Sony in their strongest regions.

Yet they will challenge Sony in Japan, when not even the PS4 is doing incredibly well? Good luck Microsoft. At this point, I think it's just another marketing ploy for them, to give players in the west the impression that they care about the Japanese market.

If the market doesn't care about them, why do they need to pretend that the market is relevant to them?

Kavorklestein1486d ago

Maybe microsoft have seen the light that Japanese gamers don't care about graphics, and they just want cartoon adventures, rpg's and virtual novels, and spunky anime-esque indies.

Maybe Microsoft can do really well in Japan considering none of the Japanese gaming market has high risk ip's coming out anymore- as long as it has manga/anime/fantasy with animated characters with text for speech, and little to no interaction besides walking and talking, then they have a good chance of doing well.

Think of the development cost/ exclusive support cost Microsoft would need to spend to crank out game after game after game in Japan. Little to nothing! Especially when compared to the graphics whores in america and the UK demanding more and more.

I think if anything Xbox could do quite well in Japan, at least as much as their economy allows it to.

donman11487d ago

Nice fail Microsoft... you know only paid viewers will be watching it there.