Expectations for the Modern Gamer Are Too High

CCC Says: "Gaming is so much more complex these days than it was when I was a kid. It used to be that you would go to your local toy store, pick out a game because the box looked cool or because you’d been swayed by the loud, fast, adrenaline filled advertising that felt like Red Bull on steroids (you know, before Red Bull existed), go home with it, and pop it in your system for days of enjoyment. That was it. Your biggest concern, outside of the minute-by-minute charge you would incur to your parents’ phone bill by calling the Nintendo Hotline when you were stuck on a particularly difficult level, was whether the game required one of your patented “dust blows” to get it working again. Prices were the same, cartridges were plastic and sturdy, and games were allowed to be hard. As in, you could die in a game and not respawn in that exact same location. All of this was accepted as par for the course, and for the most part, gamers were ok with it."

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