MGS4 and MGO have "screen-capture" feature

Back at the GT forums, user Rikitatsu just found out it is possible to capture the screen in both Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online. Here are the instructions::

*Plug a Keyboard in your PS3 + Press "Print Screen" or "prnt scrn" on your Keyboard, and it will save it in the harddisk


*Plug another Sixaxis and Press R1 to capture a screen

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Ri0tSquad3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

This feature is pretty sweet. It saves the pictures you captured to your XMB too.

And over Home too.

pharmd3713d ago

oh hell yes..... save, share with friends via in game XMB soon!!!!

cp683713d ago

Don't forget that we're getting video recording very very soon too :D

will113713d ago

Another feature pushing the PS3 over other systems

tatotiburon3713d ago

[email protected] really? 'cause i thought that halo 3 did that a lot time ago

Kyur4ThePain3713d ago

Can the Wii do it?
He said "other systems"..plural. Take your sad 360-defending attitude someplace else.

socomnick3713d ago

actually halo 3 does it much better. It saves video , and then you can get the exact picture of what you want. Its also uploaded online for you to share thru a url. You can also send the pics to your xbox live friends.

sonarus3713d ago

Halo 3 does do it better but is halo 3 a better game...I THINK NOT :D

Gun_Senshi3713d ago

Battlefield on PC does it better then Halo 3.

socomnick3713d ago

Yup I agree senshi. :) I hope Gears of War 2 has it also that would be epic :P

dantesparda3712d ago

He is talking about how the PS3 will be able to do it for all the games, not just one game. Automatic uploading for all the games, and to youtube too. Can Halo 3 do that?

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Mc1873713d ago

I was crawling through some grass and was amazed that with the octocamo it look like an empty screen that wouls be fun.
lotsa fun thanks riki

Rikitatsu3713d ago

I just saw that on another board

Splitz3713d ago

You brought it here :)

sonarus3713d ago

Wow i am surprised the feature wasn't advertised. Nice but i would prefer youtube vids thru ps3

Pornlord3713d ago

I dont' have a second controller... :( I'm not buying one till I can get my hands on a Rumbler.

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The story is too old to be commented.