Activision Could Make A Play For Take-Two Interactive, Movie and Expected Acitivision Deal

Take-Two Interactive Software, publisher of the popular "Grand Theft Auto" video game series, is trading near a six-year high Friday on a report that Activision Blizzard might make an acquisition offer.

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UltraNova1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Well I'll be darned if this aint some scary shit...

If this actually goes down prepare for yearly GTA releases...

Nice knowing you R*

nX1488d ago

Activision and it's acquisitions... GTA will become an anual franchise and RDR2 will be about space cowboys, I'm so excited that I might hurt myself when that happens -.-

Roccetarius1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Somehow i find that hard to believe, considering how much money they spent on saving themselves from Vivendi.

I do wonder though, how much could a deal like this be worth?

CerealKiller1488d ago

Debt is still cheap they will just borrow more money.
Take-Two currently has a 1.87 billion market cap and I believe they turned down a $2 billion offer from EA in 2008 so I'm guessing Activision will make a bid between 2.5 and 3 billion.

Grap1488d ago

there's no "similar goals" between Activision and T2. I call it BS. Also Why in hell T2 would sell it self to Activision when they made more than +2B from a single game last year.

Gamble201488d ago

The ONLY possible reason I would be okay with this is if Activision could pay the hefty fee required to buy back a share of the NFL License and maybe NFL 2k could come back. Beyond that pipe dream, I hope this fails.

yellowgerbil1487d ago

There is no way it would happen, I don't claim to be an analyst but I wouldn't be surprised if T2 is worth MORE than Activision, and in more of a position to buy the other one out, though why would they? Activision makes the worst games around and destroys everything that was once good.

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Golden_Mud1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

HELL NO , I don't want GTA to be released every year so please no.
I hope T2 reject this.

xJumpManx1488d ago

I hope not Activision is my least favorite game company, they destroy game franchises.

-Foxtrot1488d ago

I know right

EA do the same but at least you can still play on them and they are pretty well made. Nothing Activision has made over the years has been solid

Destiny looks decent but it's a deal, they don't own Bungie

Kayant1488d ago

It's about movies btw. Title is exterme clickbait

Kayant1488d ago

Strike that am on drugs.....

MrSwankSinatra1488d ago

Honestly this seems impossible due to the monopolistic nature of a acquisition like that.

roadkillers1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Take-Two is very independent. Plus Take-Two is worth a lot. GTA itself is a cash cow and I have a hard enough time seeing Activision just buying that, let alone Bioshock, NBA2K, WWE2k, and Borderlands. That's not to mention Red Dead, Max Payne, and whatever else they own.

Forgot, Take-Two owns Civilization lol. Not going to happen.

Edit: To add more, GTA itself has sold more then 185 million copies. Lets say each person bought GTA for $20 (which of course is extremely low). That would put the revenue at 3.7 billion and profits around 3 billion right? That is a billion more then what EA offered for the company and they were turned down.

This is all not to mention the prestigious nature of Take-Two games. They don't just win awards once then die in a spiraling plane crash (Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, CoD unless they fix it). Since GTA3, GTA has been winning Game of the Year. Since birth Civilization has been winning Game of the Year. Since Bioshock, the series has been nominated for Game of the Year. Borderlands has a huge fan following. Their sports titles are praised more then others. This is all without mentioning that their next new IP with Turtle Rock has won many Game of Shows. If Activision gets them it will be the gaming news of the century. Bigger then Microsoft entering the console market.

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