PlayStation Releases for September 2014

There were a decent batch of games released in August, and some very good ones at that. However, September is arguably the month where one of the biggest new IPs of the year is about to release, Destiny. If you’ve not heard of Destiny, you’re living under a rock, but for those that have, that’s not the only game coming out this month.

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OUROSMAG1420d ago

Destiny is all that matters.

gaffyh1420d ago

But Shadow of Mordor...

OUROSMAG1420d ago

That does look fun, I stand corrected!

ShowGun9011420d ago

come on destiny!

*closes eyes really hard*

*opens eyes*


...maybe ill try it again...

greyfawkes11051420d ago

What are you guys talking about its all about that NHL 15 I want the story of how the puck got into the net

incendy351420d ago

I will be getting Velocity 2X on PS4. Also Destiny, Mordor, Forza Horizons on X1. Expensive month.

Loktai1420d ago

Expensive but worth it. ... probably. Unless you get tied up with one or two out of them and dont play the others until they're in the bargain bin and you could have saved hundreds. Not that I know that from experience..... ;)

incendy351420d ago

Haha, true. Especially since Destiny, Mordor and Horizons are all games that you could sink hundreds of hours into each. I will get to them all eventually though!

Tripl3seis1420d ago

Destiny and velocity 2x for me that game is looking pretty sweet can't wait for destiny though.

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