Metro 2033 Redux GIF Comparison: Xbox One Has Better Image Quality, PS4 Has Better Contrast

Earlier this week, Deep Silver and 4A Games released Metro Redux which includes the remastered versions of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light.

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GamersHeaven1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Looks nothing like that Gamingbolt is a joke nice low res gifs.

3 disagrees funny I'm playing the game right now on PS4 guess my eyes are deceiving me.

@Enemy-Exactly I was going to write that but it is pointless every one knows this there's no point mentioning [email protected] has the better image quality who ever believes that is a moron should not be gaming.

Enemy1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

How is the Xbox One version going to have better image quality when it's not even 1080p?

1920x1080 = 2073600 pixels (PS4)

1620x912 = 1477440 pixels (Xbone)

GamingBolt fails once again.

Here's what Digital Foundry said.

"Overall, it looks like 4A Games has done good work here in balancing image quality presets with resolution in order to lock frame-rate on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Metro Redux. The result is a release that looks impressive on both consoles, with the PS4 occupying the higher ground owing to its native 1080p resolution."

There's also this, in which 4A Games confirms they struggled with the Xbone version.

Dudebro901447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Image quality is not 100% dependant on resolution. Higher res doesnt automatically equal better image.

Here's a quote from 4a themselves:
Counting pixel output probably isn’t the best way to measure the difference between them though. There are plenty of other (and more important factors) that affect image quality besides resolution. We may push 40% more pixels per frame on PS4, but it’s not 40% better as a result… your own eyes can tell you that.”

Infamous2981447d ago Show
Kayant1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


You are not wrong with things like AA and downsampling but when both versions have feature parity saying the lower resolution one has better image quality is simply BS.

Edit -

Really not seeing this "better image quality" when the only difference between the two gifs is colour levels.

Edit 3 -


True that ;)

Dudebro901447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


So when the developer of the game says resolution is only one of many factors of image quality, I'm wrong?

Maybe you should look into how games are made before you call people names and look like a petty adolescent.


I'm not saying this piece isn't bs, but some people on here think resolution = image quality. Which is so wrong it hurts.

But I guess this is a losing battle. People on here are just petty jerks.

gootimes1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

When digital Foundry, the industry leader in game analyzing and comparisons says "The result is a release that looks impressive on both consoles, with the PS4 occupying the higher ground" that is a pretty good indication that the PS4 version has better visuals, albeit not a huge difference between the two.

resolution does not = image quality, I have never heard anyone say that. It does however contribute to overall image quality. No need to call people jerks just because they don't agree with you.

vishmarx1447d ago

i think digital foundry did its thing already.
why are we even discussing anything other than that

u got owned1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

GamingBolt: "Xbox One Has Better Image Quality, PS4 Has Better Contrast"

N4G members: "Gamingbolt is a joke"

_____________________________ _____________________

Digital Foundry: "PS4 looks better"

N4g member: "Digital Foundry is legit, they really know what they are talking about...

typical N4G... Nothing to see move along.

user56695101447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

If Sony not supreme there will be hell to pay. Why even care they are comparing gifs. That should be enough to take with a grain of salt

XB1_PS41447d ago

1080p + No AA = OK
912p + AA = OK

There's a trade off. Both platforms are going to say get it to 1080p because of the resolution fiends that want to be able to down talk the other platform.

If the PS4 ran this game at 912p, it could probably get pretty close if not make it to the PC Ultra settings. I would take that over 1080p.
It's all about preference I guess.

CryofSilence1447d ago

U got owned

Unlike gamingbolt, digital foundry does extensive analysis. It doesn't come to a conclusion on low resolution gifs.



Although this article seens to be BS and Digital Foundry had been a fair good source for comparisons so far, they are not the owners of the truth and everyone else is allowed to make their test, as we are to discuss those other tests. That's why we'll see other comparisons here, not just DF.

However, if instead of saying "why are we discussing anything other than DF", you had said "why are we discussing this comparison here", than I would totally agree with you. It's 2014 and these sites are still trying to pass crappy low rez gifs as a comparison. Seriously, I can't even see anything for half of those gifs, it's a blurred pixalated mess for the going up the ladder part on all three versions.

Prime1571447d ago

^Here's the thing. Digital foundry has TOOLS and ACTUAL TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE that help them to decipher their findings, while gb and some others use terms like, "I feel," and "[I think] it looks" while having NO EVIDENCE to support the SUBJECTIVE claim other than their OPINION...

masterfox1447d ago

God dammitzz we needzz the powerzzz ot teh clouDzzz.

geddesmond1447d ago


What you said is true between different games with different image qualities. Hell look at some of those crappy pixelated indies that are 60 fps at 1080p. There's the difference in image quality. But when you run the same game at higher resolution which one is going to look better??

FF14 on PS4 gives you the option to play at 720p or 1080p. The game looks clearer, smoother and a lot better with 1080p.

I could grab any gif right now and edit it to have different contrasts and brightness levels which can sometimes make it look better but most times make it look worse. I have the remastered version on PS4 and it looks way better on my tv than that misleading gif.

Loktai1447d ago

@Dudebro90 RE:Image quality does not = resolution.

Correct that image quality is not simply resolution
but since most people are running HDMI cables that
eliminates analog noise as an issue so if the software
is otherwise running the same effects resolution
increase will increase image quality. If all else
is equal resolution DOES = image quality and that
is what most of the time we're looking at. There
arent any solid examples I've seen of a PS4 game
sacrificing things to run at a higher resolution...
so in that case it is exactly an increase in image
quality and nothing less.

Its wishful thinking to imagine that it doesnt matter what resolution a game is rendered at- it isnt what makes the game good but this isnt a new concept, ask
any PC gamer if its better to run the game at a higher resolution or not. The PS4 can, its like having a slightly better video card running the same game, There is no argument for the lower end video card there is only the statement "its good enough for me"... but dont play it off like the lower end video card is going to have some kind of benefit. That is exactly what we're looking at, the XBOX and PS4 have AMD/ATI graphics processors in them and the PS4s is more powerful, thats what makes these articles insane

Most likely the gif was taken off of a video recording or snapshots on the PS4 which compresses them as they are meant to be uploaded to facebook etc. That is the only possible way "image quality" could come into play here.

u got owned1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


"Unlike gamingbolt, digital foundry does extensive analysis. It doesn't come to a conclusion on low resolution gifs."


It doesn't matter who does it ,Gamingbolt or Digital Foundry, the reality is, if you say something bad about Sony you have no credibility by N4G members standard.

I wonder what would had happen if the article was saying the other way around... I'm guessing no one would be saying Gamingbolt is a joke.

fr0sty1447d ago

Typical GamingDolt trollbait.

ShinMaster1447d ago

DigitalFoundry said PS4 version ran better.

Gamingbolt is trying do deceive the Xbox fanboys with low res gifs.
Nice try.

DoubleM701447d ago

I see you all haven't learned nothing yet. RYSE at 900P looked better than anything 1st generation. Quit measure these games by 1080P. It's obvious other are coming into play.

juggulator1447d ago

Everyone knows PS4 has better hardware (GPU, RAM, etc) but 4A is familiar with the Xbox One architecture because they did Metro 2033 and last light on 360 and the Xbox One and 360 have similar architecture. So IF there's any truth to the article I would think that's a good reason why.

GameNameFame1447d ago

I can't believe xbox fanboys are delusional enough to buy this. Lolol

Digital Foundry is the most reputable source for gaming. They made many comparison x360 and said x360 was more superior version of a game.

Now it's gamebolt is more credible? Are fanboys this desperate?

Is it because so called new x1 update only increased res from 900 to 912p. Lol did fanboys get this desperate?

Azmatik1447d ago

sure maybe resolution isn't everything but your all talking as if they had to sacrifice other GFX to get 1080p which is so false buuuuut seriously folks have none of you saw 4K anything? I mean the resolution alone just blows 1080p out of the water by a lot! so saying resolution doesn't have that big of a impact is false too because my god 4K is just ridiculously clear.

Cyanide851447d ago

I played the game on both Xbone and PS4 and the PS4 version to me looks slightly better.

Why can't people just drop the whole I MUST HAVE 1080p RESOLUTION OR I WILL NOT PLAY THE GAME!! Argument to rest?? I mean it's starting to affect the actual gameplay of certain games when devs are being forced to produce 1080p games.

Don't get me wrong I love my PS4 and it's the only thing I game on and I also love 1080p resolution but I don't want that resolution to come at the cost of more significant things such as keeping a stable fps.

But that's just my opinion

Gunstar751446d ago

Is it not the quality of the pixels as opposed to how many of them there are? Like my phone camera vs my DSLR. My phone has more pixels, but..... You can see where I'm going....

Infamazdre1446d ago

I'm pretty sure Xbox one version is also 1080p

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XB1_PS41447d ago

No, they're not idiots. It's easy to think you're right when you're looking at numbers. If you have 912p and you put good AA on it, it's going to look better than 1080p with a lot less AA. I'm not saying that in this case that's correct, but either way you're general statement is wrong.

IQ =/= Resolution

Ju1447d ago

The thing is, it isn't 'no AA' on 1080p. There is no sacrifice to run a X1 game - with the exact same features - at 1080p on the PS4. Simply put.

Kreshi1447d ago

that´s a much better comparison video. the only difference i noticed is that the x1 version has lens lare while the ps4 version doesnt.

memots1447d ago

A couple weeks ago i could have swore graphic/resolution didnt matter.

Now two days in a row we get article about a lens light a what this supposed image quality and out of a sudden they make top of the page and it matters again?

n4rc1446d ago

Ya.. Ryse looking far better then a lot of these 1080p games must be a myth or something.. Lol

Resolution is almost meaningless when it comes to the visual quality on screen. Its just a direct number people can compare so it becomes the end all be all to the masses

Clock speeds on CPUs, mp count on cameras.. Even horsepower on cars.. Its all the same argument.. Bigger is always better even when we have insane amounts of proof to the contrary

AKS1446d ago

I agree resolution is one of many factors, but it's generally an important factor. Back in 2007 and for the next few years, resolution killed my frames in Crysis, but some other areas of detail and whatnot weren't as much of a problem. I had to experiment to see what worked best overall. With The Witcher 2, ubersampling was the big frame killer, but with that turned off, it ran fine for me with everything else cranked.

With console games, the developers are going to similarly take the mix of settings that make it look and run best, although I'm sure with a much higher level of expertise than I had fumbling with the settings on Crysis. LOL.

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tgunzz1447d ago

If anyone really wants to know, run your own test to see (if it matters that much). At the same time anyone on this site with any true skill set in image quality knows that it's alot more than just 1080p that goes into total image quality (and for that matter if you think there is a real visible difference between 900p/1080p, you are sadly mistaken). Why would it offend anyone if in fact the xb1 version pulled together a little better? How does the game play?

Loktai1447d ago

The truth is they're identical apart from resolution, and all else being equal resolution = increased sharpness.

n4rc1446d ago

Both right..

If everything else is indeed equal, then ya.. You'll likely notice its a little sharper..

nucky641447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

it's Rashid sayed submission - big surprise on the content of the article.

Tsar4ever011447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Gamingbolt is off their freaking rockers, xb1 does NOT have better image quality. PS4 contrast ratio is better on the GIF but it's clearly been tampered with by Gamingbolt.

Why do these vids from DigitalFoundry on YT paints a very different scenario.

esemce1447d ago

Yes the PS4 version has slightly more detail in the textures, unless you have a PS4 and Xbone and no decent PC this is a non issue.

And gaming bolt must be run my clowns.

Azzanation1447d ago

You clearly have no idea what your talking about. For starters a game running in a lower resolution means the devs can push more effects, details, Polys etc. 1080p only improves the sharpness on screen, it doesn't improve anything else. Same goes for 60 frames and 30 frames. Only difference is smoothness and at 30 frames the company can push almost twice as much on screen.

How come Ryse which only runs at 900p looks better then 1080p games. Ryse has won visual awards to prove it.

wcas1447d ago

Gaming Bolt has officially earned it's spot as one of the BS sites in my book. All credibility lost. Anything coming from them, I will not believe until more trusted sites can verify. I mean, WOW, out right blatant misinformation. Oh well, for me it's good bye Gaming Bolt. I prefer accurate unbiased information. Game on mofo's.

tee_bag2421446d ago

Lol..I'm all for comparisons but making a 320p gif and comparing them is about as derp as it gets.

ramiuk11446d ago

me too,my version looks nothing like that
on my 106" projector or my led tv

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xHeavYx1447d ago

"Let's compare HD games with GIF images"

Enemy1447d ago

GamingBolt is the laughingstock of N4G and they don't even know it. Their submissions get more and more pathetic by the day. It's like a child just learned how to make gifs and decided he wanted to try and be like Digital Foundry, minus the actual analysis.

Prime1571447d ago

Gaming bolt reminds me of Fox news; no longer worth my time.

zeuanimals1447d ago

The site looks incredibly generic anyway. Pretty sure the person that runs the site is just some dude like the rest of us, except he wanted to be "in" the gaming industry, so he created the site, but nobody really takes it seriously. It might as well be a blog.

y7jzdgy1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Well imagine that being the joke of a joke community! Now that's funny. All jokes aside, do you really think that any gamer in their right mind takes N4G seriously? lol!

AndrewLB1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

TSAR- So it seems you're one of those "open minded" liberals who can't handle differing opinions. What's even more hilarious is how you post 4 far-left websites as if they're somehow objective sources that can be validly used in an argument to prove your theory. CNN, MSNBC, and NBC are all owned and operated by far left zealots and their reporting reflects it.

Rated most trusted news organization again!

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DanielGearSolid1447d ago

Xbox one is brighter, but better image quality? that's extreme BS

In the Ps3 Vs X360 days, xbox fans would've said "Ps3 washed out" if it was that bright

gootimes1447d ago

"In the Ps3 Vs X360 days, xbox fans would've said "Ps3 washed out" if it was that bright"

So true!!

Kribwalker1447d ago

Funny thing is most of those idiots are now the owners of PS4s and doing the same thing the other way this time. They will hop on and off the bandwagon like a bunch of idiots. I for one don't really care. I'm gonna do the same thing I did last gen, use my Xbox for 90% of the games, then buy a PS4 when they get exclusives I like. Like last time, Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword and uncharted were the driving force for me to grab a PS3. I just like the xbox controller and setup much better, so most gaming will happen there

Alsybub1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

The Xbox version does look washed out but this is a gamma issue relating to settings more than anything else. It's the same reason that the PS4 version seems much darker.It's somewhat unprofessional to capture source without ensuring that your reference levels are correct for each device you record from and then to use that as a reason why the versions differ. If they set their gamma, brightness and contrast relative then I would imagine they would look the same.

But hey then it would be harder to write a BS article.

JP13691447d ago

Why are we approving awful articles from these click-bait sites? Especially confusing when Digital Foundry (the people that actually analyze footage armed with technical knowledge) have already shown the PS4 version to be better in every regard.

DigitalRaptor1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I know. It's absolutely stonking ridiculous.

But even then, the PS4 gif ( )
looks closer to the PC gif ( )
than the Xbone gif does ( ).

Xbone version is brighter than the PC version, so it looks better? Haha. Cause from these gifs alone, brightness is the only visible difference between the PS4 and Xbone. Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has results that conflict with this obvious doctoring.

Alsybub1437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

All I can see is that their gamma, brightness and contrast are off on all three platforms.

PS4 is set too dark
PC is set too dark
XB1 is set too bright

If all three were set to, at least, brightness, contrast and gamma reference then they would look the same. Different devices do give out different levels of each of these and just because one is at reference it doesn't mean that another is. You have to calibrate your display for each device. Obviously it shouldn't be this way but it really is.

How can they seriously say that is a difference in product? They're either stupid or just trying skew their "findings".

HeWhoWalks1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

With Digital Foundry debunking this before it was even written, I advise all reasonable readers not to give this any credence.

Kayant1447d ago

I honestly don't know why they started this analysis thing because they don't go anywhere near in-depth as DF does, none do they do things accurately as shown here using Gifs that are compressed and low quality to show how get and show image quality. Then there is the framerate analysis which they don't have the equipment for to match DF.

Also the constant x version has better contrast sounds more and more like they don't set up their testing station properly and or it's just something to mention to show there is a difference because the different contrast levels have been in every single one of these comparisons.

DF is unmatched for a reason.