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PS4, Xbox One getting Saints Row IV

Developer Volition is bringing its super-powered crime game to new-gen consoles. (PS4, Saints Row 4, Xbox One)

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Neonridr  +   119d ago
of course.. exactly what this gen needs more of.. more remasters.
-Foxtrot  +   119d ago
Remasters are fine if they are fantastic games which deserve it...however this along with Sleeping Dogs are not games which deserve it.

Saints Row 4 was pretty bad, it's horrible what they've done to the franchise.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   119d ago
"Saints Row 4 was pretty bad, it's horrible what they've done to the franchise."

I, I agree. If it was 2 or 3 it wouldn't be so bad because those games were good.
LightSamus  +   119d ago
SR4 is the most fun I've had playing Saints Row and Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic game. Opinions and all that, but you're mad.
-Foxtrot  +   119d ago
Sleeping Dogs was hyped up to be amazing when really it was average at best. the small map and the fact there wasn't much to do after the main missions brought the game down

Saints Row 4 was basically an expansion pack for Sainta Row 3 they made into a full game, same setting, same map, same animations it was a cash in. When Sainta Row 2 got it just right they went in another direction and ruined the franchise.

Yeah I am mad...thanks for noticing.
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700p  +   119d ago
Sleeping dogs had one of the best stories out there. Underrated too.
Palitera  +   119d ago
Earlier this month I listed SR4 as one of the games that can justify a remake. The game was good, but the graphics and performance were absolutely terrible!

Will sell my PS3 copy of the game and wait for the rerelease.

As for Sleeping Dogs, I agree. No reason at all for a remake.
SoapShoes  +   119d ago
@Foxtrot - There isn't much to do in any open world game after you beat it. GTA5 is no different, I get bored of GTA after I beat it and run around for a bit. There are things to do but there's no real point in doing them.
ABizzel1  +   119d ago

Sleeping Dogs wasn't bad, but I agree it wasn't a "big enough" game to truly get the hype a remaster needs to simply sell well. I see it doing a few hundred thousand copies, but it's not going to be huge.

In Saint's Row case, this is bad simply because it's only SR4. They should have had 1, 2, 3, and 4. For the HD Remasters you have to either be GOTY worthy, or it needs the entire collection.
DeadlyOreo  +   119d ago
I welcome this news. Saints Row slipped under my radar when it came out, I think because I was helplessly addicted to Borderlands 2. But this is great, now I get to play a definitive version of it.
JWiLL552  +   119d ago
You shut your mouth about Sleeping Dogs!
geddesmond  +   118d ago
Both of those games are good but not remastered worthy.

Honestly I would rather developers worked on new games now and brought us remasters in 2-3 years. I only have 4 next gen games out of about 15, the rest are all remasters and I'm getting sick of them.

Diablo 3, The last of us. Metro, tombraider, Dead nation, pixel junk shooter, FF14, Trine 2. I will not buy anymore of them until GTAV. Remasters should only be reserved for masterpieces like Tombraider, GTAV and TLOU. Metro is also worthy as a PS only gamer I never played the first so its like a new title on next gen for me.
Loktai  +   118d ago
I have sleeping dogs on PC and its pretty good. The way I see it nobody is making you buy it and the only peoples time being taken up by making it is the Dev themselves... if someone didnt play it last gen and wants a more updated or better looking version or one with all the DLC on the system they're currently playing I dont see anything wrong with supplying that especially early in the consoles lives where they can use a few filler games.

PLUS It could be a good source of money for the dev to start a new IP or sequel, developing new games from the ground up for the new gen hardware isnt cheap, at least not if its an AAA game that actually milks the hardware.
ShinMaster  +   118d ago
Sleeping Dogs was underhyped.

You maybe heard a group of gamers parsing it and assumed everyone did.
That game had a better story, driving mechanics and fighting than some other major open world games out there.
ThunderPulse  +   118d ago
You whine about the remasters the same way you whine about TLOU MP DLC, go to bed kid.
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Brighat  +   118d ago
Sleeping Dogs is an amazing game. Really enjoyed it. Loved the characters, the soundtrack, the gameplay and story. However, I don't need the PS4 version. I can replay the PC version.
ShadowWolf712  +   118d ago
Gonna have to disagree with you. Sleeping Dogs was pretty freakin' amazing.
raistra  +   118d ago
SR4 on its self would have been a good game, just the laziness that went into it has amazed me.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   119d ago
Heres our BC in todays gaming yall.

charging 60 for a game we already bought and spend 120$ overall for the same game.

Certain games are worth it. MCC, TLOUS, maybe even ME remaster.

But every game that gets a metacritic of 70, 80 or above deserves a remake now?

Come on.

Both Sony and MS thought it was easier to leave BC out and allow devs to re-charge us for their last gen games.

I know devs need money more than any other generation combined but this isn't the answer.
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ColManischewitz  +   119d ago
I like that "Here's our backward compatibility in today's gaming, y'all."
IHassounah  +   119d ago
The game isn't 60 dollars , it's 29.99$ and with the new expansion pack it's 49.99$
Palitera  +   119d ago
Also if people are paying for it, it's a sign that consumers want it.

I'm not into HD remasters, but this is one I'll get. It really needed better performance and graphics. Along with RDR and Darksiders 2, this one closes my list of buyable and needed remakes.
SilentNegotiator  +   119d ago
"charging 60 for a game we already bought and spend 120$ overall for the same game"

Who has the gun to your head? And why did they tell you it was $60 when it isn't?
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DCfan  +   118d ago
No one's holding a gun to your head, forcing you to buy said game.
Loktai  +   118d ago
Remember the previous generation? There were a ton of instances of this both beginning middle and end of life. Metal gear solid collections, Zone of the enders HD , beyond good and evil HD , HD HD HD HD everthing HD which was just a fancy way of saying we've used the assets from the PC version or remade the game to
use some of 360/PS3s grunt. And that didnt stop it
kept happening getting older games in HD and we kept
buying them! And of course they keep shoveling them out.

Also: How is this different from buying a movie on Bluray that you owned on VHS and then DVD? People do that alot. Yes I know its cheaper but its the same percentage increase or even moreso except in that case the Bluray probably is more expensive.
Neonridr  +   119d ago
Don't get me wrong, I am all for certain remasters. I am having a blast playing TLOU and even bought Wind Waker HD.

Obviously it helps if I haven't played the game the first time (Tomb Raider was an example). But Sleepings Dogs? Saints Row IV?

It just sounds like some developer are just being lazy and figuring they can score some extra bucks while putting in zero effort to make these games..
FullmetalRoyale  +   118d ago
Zero effort.
Angerfist  +   118d ago
True. It really is becoming a bad habit. Especially when the Game was on PC. The Port can probably be done within a month on certain games.
SR4 doesn't justify a Remaster anyway, only Mass Effect, Gears of War and Uncharted Trilogies really deserve Remasters.
highStandardsGamers  +   119d ago
this happend when people say "don't like it? don't buy it"

i complain about Tomb Raider HD and people said to me "don't like it? don't buy it"

i complain about The Last of US too and here the answer , that's why i complain not because of trolling , but i complain for good cause

when do people realise that?


the same goes back in the 7th gen era with the DLC

stop with the mentality of "don't like it ? don't buy it" is one of the stupid thing i've ever read by Braindead people.
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thricetold  +   118d ago
What irks me is the whole attitude that it's fine for "certain" games that are "masterpieces" but for others its meh. I'd rather have sleeping dogs than some of these "masterpieces". We all have opinions.

What happened to these are for people who haven't played them? Is that only for certain games for certain systems? Just who are these for? They are all lazy cash grabs.
Loktai  +   118d ago
Actually its the other way around. The people who say Dont like it, dont buy it ... if people listened and actually DIDNT buy it then they wouldnt keep making them, But people do want it and do buy it, so dont say people are getting what they deserve and call them braindead.

Not to mention shit like the last of us if someone hadnt already played it and prefers to have a better version and the game is cheaper than the original release what is your problem with that?

You seem to think people actually care that you're pissed off about companies porting their software ... if you dont want it or you already played it then its not for you.
spacedelete  +   119d ago
to be fair Saints Row 4 is the best super hero game of all time ironically as it used to be a straight up GTA clone and its so much more fun than Infamous second son its not even funny. Saints Row 4 is the game Infamous second son was suppose to play like.
Blaze929  +   119d ago
this generation is becoming fuuuuunny
stefan771  +   118d ago
They are cheaper and easier to make and there's essentially no demand for new games so expect a lot more remasters
Starbucks_Fan  +   119d ago
Greedy. I don't think this was necessary. Focus on a 5th game please or do something new.
JeffGrubb  +   119d ago
They are doing something new. They also announced Gat Out of Hell.
MisfitsInc  +   119d ago
ew, the game really wasn't that good.
RedCloud88  +   119d ago
I probably won't get this, but I hope it sets a precedent with the pricing on future Remasters. $30 is totally acceptable.
GusHasGas  +   119d ago
This is going to mark the THIRD time that SR4 is being released. Was released at launch, and then as the National Treasure Edition, and now the new-gen edition. Because no one wants a new game, right?!

Damnit, this franchise has just become a mega, uninnovative cash grab for Volition and Deep Silver. It needs to go back to its roots.
WeAreLegion  +   119d ago
Its roots were a bad GTA rip-off. Saints Row IV was a brilliant satire of both video games and pop culture. It was so much fun!
GusBricker  +   119d ago
I hope it comes out better than their Metro ports.

Is 20 bucks for a story add-on a little steep or is it just me?
KakashiHotake  +   119d ago
I don't think remasters are bad for certain games, but I feel it's being ruined by other companies that's just trying to milk. Seriously Saints Row 4 just came out and was nothing special. At least The Last Of Us, Tomb Raider, and GTA5 are classics. Don't know what to make of a reboot of Saints Row.
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castillo  +   119d ago
I want a Heavenly Saints bundle with a demo of the next SR.
ape007  +   119d ago
no buy, totally unnecessary, get back to your roots (SR1 and 2)
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Ultr  +   118d ago
No thanks
mydyingparadiselost  +   119d ago
So many games I skipped last gen have or are getting these remasters, I'm starting to feel really fortunate that I didn't pick up many of the bigger titles over the last couple of years. That being said.... This is starting to get a bit ridiculous, even if it does work out well for me personally...
edonus  +   119d ago
I am not supporting this BS. I blame this on the Ps4 and the hordes of people that blindly support it. This console has broken sales record selling last gen games with a new coat of paint on them and indie games that look like they should have been made for the Genesis.

Now we got every obscure half way decent game trying to do a cash grab.

It would be different if they were actually rebuilding and rebooting the games but for the most part they are just up resolutions and frame rates.... that is pathetic.

These are cash grabs and resources that could be used to make new games. I understand that not everyone may have played a certain game last gen like I didnt pick up GTAV cause I knew it would be coming to this gen and I still will. I am half and half with TLOU because it is a great game but a remaster was too soon and truthfully they didnt do enough to justify it but its still a great game.

Too each his own but this is part of the industry and that means it affects me. But you are right there are plenty of new games coming out but I would like to see more games specifically for this gen and this practice seems to be hindering that.
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Rockefellow  +   119d ago
Wouldn't it be nice if, I don't know, you bought the games you were interested in and simply ignored the ones you didn't want?

Like it or not, companies are going to publish their older games on our new systems because they're cheaper than developing an entirely new game for them, they help build up new audiences from players who might not have owned systems or played their games before, and they hype up potential new games coming out farther down the line.

It's not like we're missing out on a brand-new game because Saints Row IV is getting ported-- that's not how the industry works. You shouldn't have bought a system so early if all you wanted to do was whine about how empty your library is.

I'm not going to touch this either, but at the same time I'm glad TLoU got a re-release-- condemning the entire practice is silly when you're mad about one or two little things.
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MasterCornholio  +   119d ago
Looks like somebody is salty today.


I guess you can't accept how good the PS4 really is. Get ready for destiny because that game will launch PS4 sales into orbit.
gangsta_red  +   119d ago
It's funny how some people accept one thing but not the other. Re-masters of games that are hardly a year or two old are now accepted and an obvious cash grab is now considered ok from companies.

But another company securing an exclusive for their system gets a lot of folks riled up and sending death threats to the developer.

Hey, if paying to play online, DLC, F2P monetization's and yearly digital rental fees are being accepted then why not re-masters.
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Majin-vegeta  +   118d ago
Bla bla bla you're just mad.We all know if it was X1 in the lead you would be singing a different tune.Hypocrite.
Allsystemgamer  +   118d ago
If you buy halo anniversary or halo mcc you're a hypocrite. And don't say it's more than a remaster. It's not. It's the same game. Fresh coat of paint as you say.
Kavorklestein  +   118d ago
4 games from one of the biggest franchises in gaming history for 60 bucks, plus access to Halo 5 beta screams value.

No other re-master this gen so far has been worth the money IMO, Halo MCC is the first re-release that is actually doing it right.

If you ask me, Naughty Dog should have done a Naughty Dog collection that had Uncharted 1,2,3, and The Last of Us. Maybe even just an Uncharted collection??

I guess the Last of us is understandable because the game did kinda struggle performance-wise on the PS3.
I dunno, perhaps they are waiting to release a remaster collection of Uncharted 1,2, and 3 when we get closer to the release of Uncharted 4.
That would be pretty cool.

GTA:V Remastered is one that I don't have a problem with because that game is HUGE and has so many things to do and see, and they are going all out on filling the world with stuff to entertain us...In MY opinion, games that came out at the end of the life cycle last gen- 2012 or later, that struggled to perform very well or were held back by out dated hardware, I don't really mind seeing them re-released.

I think a Far Cry Collection would be cool, like Far Cry 1,2, and 3, with all the DLC/Blood Dragon for 60 bucks.
I would buy the sh*t out of that!
But I really do think the games need to be selected carefully, and they need to be more or less "collections of games" to really be valuable IMO.

Collections I want to see on the New consoles:

Halo Master Chief Collection
Mass Effect Collection
Gears Of War Collection
Uncharted Collection
BioShock Collection
Far Cry Collection
Fallout Collection
Elder Scrolls Collection
Resident Evil Collection

and I can't really think of any others that NEED to be done, but I am always open to suggestions.

I personally don't blame companies for trying to do re-releases as long as they REALLY do a good job, or make the price fair, or make the content included in the re-release valuable.

Happy Gaming to all!
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redknight80  +   119d ago
Merely my opinion, but this was one of the absolute worst games I have ever played. I must be super mature now because I found the humor below me and there wasn't too much about the gameplay that I enjoyed. I did, however, very much enjoy the hhmm 1950s mission that was in the game; wish the whole game was like that.
ajax17  +   119d ago
BioShock deserves a remaster more than this. I would kill for a Mass Effect trilogy remaster, though!
LightDiego  +   119d ago
This game is just meh...boring and repetitive missions and try to hard to be funny.
Meltic  +   119d ago
boooo !
desertpunk86  +   119d ago
blame your self for this tomb rider and the last of us proves that gamers "want" more "remasters".
NeoGamer232  +   119d ago
I have coined this generation the "Recycle Generation"...

Publishers are recycling games more than ever...

Saints Row 1-4 with all of the DLC would've been a worthwhile re-master... Only Saints Row IV is lame. Even at $30...
Kavorklestein  +   118d ago
My outlook on this is I don't really care, I just won't buy it.

The ones I want are "Collections" of games.
Stuff like

Halo Master Chief Collection
Mass Effect Collection
Gears Of War Collection
Uncharted Collection
BioShock Collection
Far Cry Collection
Fallout Collection
Elder Scrolls Collection
Resident Evil Collection

And I agree with you that this should have been a "Saint's Row collection" instead of Just one game that hasn't sold very well in the first place.
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CJDUNCAN  +   119d ago
this is beginning to get comical. Push all the games we want into 2015, for 2014 keep pumping out multi-gen's that will cause res issues, and remakes that nobody want, except TLOU :).
True_Samurai  +   119d ago
No thanks
theshredded  +   119d ago
Don't like it don't buy it.It's priced right like Metro unlike the others
persona4chie  +   119d ago
Eighth Generation of Gaming-The Generation of Remakes....even though most of then aren't necessary.
Donnywho  +   119d ago
SpiralTear  +   119d ago
Saints Row IV was one of the best games released last year and I highly recommend that game to anyone who likes their games to prioritize fun over logic.

That being said, this remaster doesn't sound like it'll be worth buying, especially since Saints Row IV was on PS3, 360 AND PC already. Unless you had none of those systems prior to buying a PS4 or Xbox One, this remaster is a waste of time and money.
mt  +   118d ago
leave the re-masters for god sakes. we are getting games from last gen. make new games.
Father__Merrin  +   118d ago
only certain games are worthy of remasters

the last of us, metro redux, halo CE

im not liking everyone jumping on the bandwaggon
Arturo84  +   118d ago
so this getting remastered pretty much means nobody should expect it for free to download on any console
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holdmyown83  +   118d ago
It's sure was better than the boring ass second son
Ashby_JC  +   118d ago

No one is looking for saints row next gen.
TheCagyDies  +   118d ago
glad I waited.
stefan771  +   118d ago
Got this today. Looking forward to getting into it. I prefer the more over the top comedic style SR has developed into
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