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theshredded1148d ago

kinda disappointed but atleast it's for current gen and priced right

JeffGrubb1148d ago

It was either this, or we'd have to wait two or more years for more Saints Row. This looks pretty great.

GusHasGas1148d ago

Wait wait wait...
SR4 was just a huge, overpriced DLC pack for SR3, and now we're getting this big DLC pack for a preexisting DLC...? Because no one wants a new game, right?!

Not to mention that this is going to mark the THIRD time that SR4 is being released. Was released at launch, and then as the National Treasure Edition, and now the new-gen edition. Again, because no one wants a new game, right?!

Damnit, this franchise has just become a mega, uninnovative cash grab for Volition and Deep Silver. It needs to go back to its roots.

Sadie21001148d ago

I missed the days of a single, standalone disc. Everything you needed was right there, no further microtransactions or DLC needed.

JeffGrubb1148d ago

It doesn't need to go back to its roots. This is way better.

This is a standalone expansion, so it's really just a mini-sequel.

Lord_Sloth1147d ago

It's $20, stand alone, and has it's own map. Shut up.

SouthClaw1147d ago

Agreed the original one and two were great after that was crap.

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deantak1148d ago

set in the destroyed white house? where?

darkronin2291148d ago

Glad more devs are doing the standalone thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.