Destiny vs. Advanced Warfare: Which Sells More in 2014?

Both games have tremendous sales potential, but they’re in very different situations. Which one will ultimately end up with the 2014 sales crown?

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Axios21451d ago

The winner will be the publisher for both games...Activision

Magicite1450d ago

add Warlords of Draenor to this. With such income, they might dethrone EA.


Im sick and tired of Duty.

Hk85karlsson1450d ago

Same here, regardless the game will sell millions upon millions this year as well.

our_games_are_art1450d ago

I kinda miss the old pre mw call of duty games

Reddzfoxx1450d ago

I am tired of the noob friendly weapon attachments and community corner campers. Maybe Treyarch will resurrect the series next year...

MWong1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I am hoping for Destiny (the MMO possibilities have me loving the game), but then again Destiny seems like Halo with a new skin + expanded RPG experience. I think COD needs a complete overhaul and new ideas. I mean come on I was hoping for something new, to me the new exo-skeloton + parkour = TitanFall w/out the heavy armor.

I am for sure probably getting both games, but come on how about something new from the 3 major FPS franchises.

BEASELY1450d ago

It plays nothing like Titanfall, just stop.

Allsystemgamer1450d ago


Yes it does. Titan fall felt exactly like call of duty with mechs. I have titan fall for PC. Got to gen 3 then got bored.

n4rc1450d ago

I dunno.. Looks pretty damn close to tf in the videos..

Brix901450d ago

Plays nothing like it..I own Titanfall as well and it doesn't play the same a lot of people that played it at the reveal have said the same thing. Chaosxsilencer even said it reminded him of Unreal Tournament. (his words not mine)

Titan fall got boring because of lack of content and people hated grunts Call of Duty doesn't have that situation.

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Funantic11450d ago

COD hands down. Destiny has way more preorders for this year only because it's been available to preorder for about 2 years. It did get pushed back also. COD is on time annually.

HanzoHattori1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I would love to see Destiny outsell COD, but every time I watch live streaming on PS4, I still see 4 or 5 people streaming COD Ghosts. smh

crusf1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

So what let them have fun playing Ghosts. You might not see how fun it is to one person but don't act like its taboo to play it.

HanzoHattori1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I'm entitled to my opinion. To each his own and enjoy your day.

T2X1450d ago

Exactly. I actually like and own every COD game that has come out. I also own all of the BF series games as well as a boatload of other shooter type games. Play what you like, I say. And as far as which will sell more Destiny or COD:AW? I am going to say most likely COD will sell more. As it usually does anyway and BTW, Advanced Warfare looks pretty good so far.

marioJP871450d ago

A lot of people will want Destiny to sell the most but that's not going to happen. COD is over rated but also the king selling first person shooter.

ShowGun9011450d ago

new IP vs COD? LOL

(anything vs COD? LOL)

sales wise, its probably already lost... but i bet destinys gonna be awesome, got it paid for, and cant wait for the 9th... probably pick up COD around March 2015.

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