25 Insanely Modded Game Consoles and Accessories

The Hottest Gadgets takes a look at some of the most insanely modded game consoles and accessories out in the world today.
From a giant working NES controller to a toaster edition PS2.

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thereapersson3835d ago

Preposterous! At least the PS3 laptop can play blu-ray movies.

-Neon-3835d ago

I don't think it's in any particular order. It should have stated so in the article

spacetoilet3835d ago

That was some crazy sh1t! The Rockstar tricked out Wii was cool though!

Splitz3835d ago

I want that colt .45!!!!!!!!!!

Perverted3834d ago

Awesome list! Wouldn't mind owning the laptops!

DFresh3834d ago

I love all of it.
These guys should totally work for some of these companies and get paid to do what they do instead of just having it as a hobby.
I really love the PS3 Rainbow Six Mod a lot and also the PS3 Lap Top.