A New Chapter for Santa Monica Studio

Playstation :

"After 15 years in the house that built the hit franchise God of War and published award-winning games including flOw, Flower, Journey, Warhawk, Sound Shapes, The Unfinished Swan, Fat Princess, and more, Santa Monica Studio has moved to a new development home. Watch their journey from the final day at Penn Station to the beginning of a new chapter at The Reserve. Learn more about the culture of Santa Monica Studio, a family of developers who make it one extremely fun place."

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nX1419d ago

Looks like a great place to work.
And I guess we've got our confirmation that they'll continue with Kratos at 2:35min :D

Godmars2901419d ago

Not unless there's going to be a new Fat Princess or Journey along with the other titles.

badboyz091419d ago

God Of War 4 with Online Co-op!

JimmyDM901419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

The new logo is fine but I'm going to miss the classic logo. A lot of good memories associated with it.

cell9891419d ago

GOD PS4 confirmed!!! YAY!!!!

TheWackyMan1419d ago

omg they are also making a new hohokum and journey as well!!!!!! this is for the players!!! /s

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ZombieGamerMan1419d ago

new God of War confirmed, this video confirms they are making another one

mafiahajeri1419d ago

Now don't go blowing away millions on a new IP and stick to what you Know god of war, so many mythologies to explore Egyptian, Norse, heck even Chinese!

kratoz12091419d ago

I would love a sequel to starhawk, warhawk had so many great memories on those games

BitbyDeath1419d ago

Lightbox want to do it they just need Sony to support them.

kratoz12091416d ago

Wow, i hope this happens

sAVAge_bEaST1419d ago


supporting 1st party. > money hatting 3rd party.

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