Nintendo has 14 Wii U Games Launching in 2015

Nintendo has 14 games coming out for the Wii U in 2015.

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DanielGearSolid1333d ago

Nintendo is picking up some momentum

ritsuka6661333d ago

And haters say WII U has no games. I laugh in the face of this idiots. lol

KuroKazuma1333d ago

yea, after 2 years finally some games ;)

rdgneoz31333d ago

Nintendo always has exclusives. The one thing they don't have is multiplats. No far cry 4, witcher, batman, shadows of mordor, unity, evolve, call of duty advanced, gta, etc. Games that a lot are looking forward to.

bouzebbal1333d ago

some heavy hitters right there!
Nintendo is the king!

Rockefellow1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

@rdgneoz3: You're right. That's probably why us adults are able to own a Wii U on top of another console or two of their choice and gaming a decent PC-- you know, so we don't miss out on any games we'd like to play.

I know it's hard to give that up in place of all this puerile whining going on in the comments, but think about it-- it really is that simple.

LOL_WUT1333d ago

Straight from the article:

"We see a lot of Mario in there, unfortunately. Personally, I believe that to be one of the reasons Nintendo’s console isn’t doing too well. The Japanese company focuses far too much on their original titles, like Mario and Zelda. Yearly releases bring fatigue within the gaming world, and no franchise has seen as many releases as the plumber has."

Given the fact that we're still in 2014 and most of those games in that list don't have an actual release date I'd say the wait is really killing the momentum especially with no 3rd party titles to fill in the void. Out those 14 only half of them are worthwhile. Art academy? Mario vs DK? ;)

JacketsNest1011332d ago


Some people enjoy Art Academy. I happen to know several people who spend a ton of time making beautiful drawings and character art in Art Academy.

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SteamPowered1333d ago

That would be glorious. I miss the open world platformers of the N64 era. Donkey Kong, Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64...

KakashiHotake1333d ago

yes I agree. It is becoming a lost art which is why i respect Sony for trying to bring it back with knack. But no one does it quite like Nintendo.

DC7771333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

Eww. If you remake a game pick something better than DK64.

SteamPowered1333d ago

Nintendo is definitely returning to the legacy franchises. Lots of Kirby, Marios, Zeldas, and Yoshis. There are at least 6 games in the list that have my interest. Zelda being at the top of course.

Dunban671333d ago

It is fair to say some of those games won t be released in 2015 due to not being complete

Also- didn t Myamoto say project Guard and Giant Robot might be incorporated I to Star fox?

I guess I am saying that the list is very ten native - I would not take it to the bank- they are going to be insinuating the imminent release of as many games as they can in order to cover the huge 3rd party gaps and keep people excited about the Wii u. But I would wait and SE which games actually arrive and when

--Onilink--1333d ago

it wasnt that they were going to be incorporated into Star Fox, but that they were not full fledged games, the ideas might be included in another game altogether, which makes sense, they were relatively simple concepts, not something that would hold and entire game.

Then again, there are probably more unannounced games incoming

KuroKazuma1333d ago

starfox 2015..nice try

only xeno and zelda for me

jholden32491332d ago

If those are the only two games you're buying for Wii U next year, I would seriously question your judgment

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