Mad about new 3DS? You were warned

GGG writes why they think the announcement of the 'New' 3DS models and their many exclusive features shouldn't be a huge surprise to seasoned Nintendo veterans.

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GordonKnight1334d ago


I've been waiting for this to happen. Isn't even come to NA until 2015. With the the extra bumper bottom and control stick, I'm hoping it'll let you play Wii U games on the go where ever you have wifi access. Also, I bet this new 3DS will allow you to to merge together the VC games from both Wii U & 3DS.

R00bot1334d ago

That'd be sick as!
I at least hope it'll be usable as another GamePad for the console, since it definitely has enough buttons now.

Bhuahahaha1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

i like it too
i think ill be going to sell my xl ac edition
the sooner the better.

levian1334d ago

I'm looking forward to it too, but there's one question I haven't seen answered yet - will it be backwards compatible with DS games? If it isn't, then I guess I can't sell my 3DS XL to help cover the costs

GordonKnight1333d ago

It will supports DS games.

levian1333d ago


Thanks for that, I didn't see that info anywhere.

Welp, guess I'm selling my XL and getting a NEW Xl

3-4-51333d ago

* When exactly did people start getting mad about getting better versions of things?

Have we become that entitled and spoiled ?

paul-p19881332d ago

Mad about new console generations? Nope

Mad about a revision of existing generation hardware that makes your current version inferior and seem useless and will be unable to play a certain amount of games? Yes

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Beetey1334d ago

This is a totally different situation than with the GBC and DSi. The GBC was released 9 years after the original GB, and they really shouldn't be considered to be the same system. As for the DSi, it had very few exclusive games, none of which were as big of a deal as Xenoblade.

mrbojingles1334d ago

Umm, didn't the DSi have over 300 digital exclusives? Didn't Nintendo pretty much put Intelligent Systems on developing DSiWare games for a few years? I wouldn't call one port of a 3 year old Wii game bigger than 300 original games for DSiWare.

Beetey1334d ago

The difference is that, at least to my knowledge, all of those DSi exclusives were small, unmemorable titles, whereas as Xenoblade is a full-sized game that is being put on the n3DS because the original couldn't handle it.

Also of note, is that Xenoblade will presumably not be a digital-only title. While the DSi may have had a few retail exclusives (4 if I recall correctly) none of them could be considered to be anywhere near as important as this is. In addition to alienating fans, this will likely cause much confusion among more casual consumers who see it in stores.

Finally, I would like to point out that this "3 year old Wii game" isn't really what has people worried, it's whatever comes next. They've already said that there will be more exclusives in the future. It seems logical to assume that the biggest and best future 3DS games will be exclusive to the new system to take advantage of its more powerful hardware (especially once its install base has had some time to grow).

RosweeSon1334d ago

I agree with the timescale but the gameboy and gameboy colour are about as similar systems as you will ever get, sure the colour had a colour screen but no extra buttons nothing it was just the same console with a bit of colour, nintendo were notoriously bad at drip feeding the updates on the handheld markets around that time as they didn't have any competition, it wasn't until the psp arrived nintendo starting stepping up the updates on the handheld market, ie DS and now 3DS, I love nintendo but they did slowly slowly update the handheld market but they are a lot better now 3DS over DS is quite a different beast and not just the 3D side of things, I'd rather this revised console at the moment rather than a full blown new handheld the 3ds has only been around for 2-3 years but hey ho, can't please everyone.

jholden32491334d ago

GBA released just three years after the Color.

And again, The exclusive games are only exclusive because they can't run on the original hardware. So the 50 million 3DS owners out there are not losing a single game.

Just Like Bayonetta 2. People want to get mad like it's a bad thing that it's exclusive, ignoring the fact that the game wouldn't have otherwise existed. Likewise, Xenoblade on 3DS wouldn't have otherwise existed.

How are people going to get mad about games they couldn't have got in the first place anyways? What are you mad about? You're losing nothing.

jholden32491334d ago

Nintendo has also made an official statement that future games will run on both iterations. If you happen to own the new 3DS, then many of the games will take advantage of it's more powerful hardware. BUT, they will still be playable on all 3DS handhelds. The ONLY exclusive games will be games that otherwise couldn't run on the hardware.

And that's the logical answer anyways. They're not going to make a game exclusive if they don't have to. They're not going to willfully choose to sell to less people. They're only going to do it if the game physically could not run on the hardware, in which case you're losing nothing.

People are ill informed here, and are getting upset over something that isn't even true.

Beetey1334d ago

"The ONLY exclusive games will be games that otherwise couldn't run on the hardware."

Probably true. However, the same argument could be made if the we were talking about an actual successor to the 3DS. My main point isn't that the original 3DS should be getting the "New" 3DS's games, but that time and resources that would have went towards the original 3DS are now going towards this. Even worse, there is always a possibility that developers would take some of the games they currently plan to release for the 3DS and upgrade them to take advantage of the new systems capabilities.

That being said, this is all speculation. While I'm worried that this will happen, it's impossible to know for sure. All we can really do is wait and see. And try to get Nintendo to come up with a more creative name ;)

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-Foxtrot1334d ago

I seriously don't understand why people are making out like that tiny little Z stick is a second analogue's not even close. It's a button basically, a very small tiny button in a very awkward place. When I first saw the article stating that it had a "NEW SECOND ANALOGUE STICK" I honestly thought I was going loopy because I was searching the picture of the 3DS to see where it was

I'm more ticked off the fact that they added it, knowing how many people wanted a second analogue stick yet they add that instead of the one people wanted. There is plenty of room on the right side to add a second stick, you just need to move the Start/Select buttons back to each side of where the Home button is.

I mean at the end of the day at least older DS redesigns didn't make it so you HAD to upgrade to play on newer games, it seems like you can only play new games using the added buttons if you buy a new 3DS. Sure they had games which allowed you to do little things on them but nothing which would change the way you play.

Imagine if Sony or Microsoft came out and were like "Here it is guys, a new, upgraded controller with a few new buttons, Uncharted 4/Halo 5 will be using them" you would be so ticked off over the fact they would be making it so you had to go out there and buy an upgraded controller just to play on or at least get the full experience out of newer games.

It's quite arrogant on Nintendo's part, they have the same mind set as they did with the Wii U...because the last system sold well people will automatically go out there and buy the newer one. Whether it works or not we'll see but I thought they had moved past that mindset.

LOL_WUT1334d ago

It's like how many iterations of the 3DS models are they going to release? Nintendo should just wait to show us their newest handheld. ;)

-Foxtrot1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

It does seem like a new handheld though because it dosen't just have design differences but actual hardware improvments aswell.

If a game in the future relies on the new bumper triggers and the Z stick not to mention it's made with these BRAND NEW hardware improvments to make the game look/play better then you are going to have to buy that new 3DS.

It's not a simple redesign they've done before, this thing seems like it's half way there to a new handheld generation.

It's like they want a new handheld but because of the "3DS" brand name they don't want to risk loosing that market like what happened when they made the Wii U. They called their new system something similar to the Wii yet even that failed to attract the Wii audience and bring them in for seconds.

It seems this time they are just making it look like a simple redesign so they don't have to bother marketing it as a brand new handheld with a brand new name.

1334d ago
mrbojingles1334d ago

So a new handheld won't be out of development stages and ready for shelves until say, 2016 or 2017. You suppose Nintendo should do nothing at all to reinvigorate 3DS sales which are declining fast? That's what new models are for.

mrbojingles1334d ago

And that's why the Dual Shock never took off right? Introduced to far into the PS Generation, wasn't it? You don't have to upgrade at all. Only one game is exclusive so far. Just like GBC/DSi had exclusives. Did you get upset for those?

-Foxtrot1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Are you seriously comparing a handheld device with its own hardware to a controller.

I don't even.......whaaaaaaaa

styferion1334d ago

"Imagine if Sony or Microsoft came out and were like "Here it is guys, a new, upgraded controller with a few new buttons, Uncharted 4/Halo 5 will be using them" you would be so ticked off over the fact they would be making it so you had to go out there and buy an upgraded controller just to play on or at least get the full experience out of newer games."

upgraded controller is the least of my worries tbh, imagine if instead of upgraded controller they upgrade the whole console, "Here it is guys, new XB1 with GDDR5 instead of DDR3. Oh by the way, new Gears of War can only be played on upgraded console."

TongkatAli1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

Too many excuses and bad analogies. At the end of the day it's their money, they can do what they want it so, cough it up and spend another 250$ to your master.

This is just like the Gameboy color because this 3DS gives you more color.

R00bot1334d ago

I believe Nintendo probably thought that since this will mostly be playing games that don't need the second "analogue stick", they would want it to kind of disappear when it's not in use. As you said it's barely noticeable.

However I think that's a terrible decision, and I would rather have a proper analogue stick, this one will feel so weird to use.

jholden32491334d ago

There's a difference between this and Sony and Microsoft making a new controller that certain games can only run using. The difference is, those games could already run on the system with the current controller, therefore, current system owners would be missing out.

In the case of the new 3DS, the exclusive games could NOT already run without the new hardware. See the difference there? In one instance gamers are missing out and losing out on a game that they could have played with the hardware they already have, while in this instance gamers are missing out on nothing because the game could not exist without the new hardware.

You cannot fail to make that important distinction.

Spotie1334d ago

"a new controller that certain games can only run using. The difference is, those games could already run on the system with the current controller"

The first part contradicts the second quite completely. And do you really think this is the only game that will be playable only on the new model.

You keep saying existing 3DS users won't miss out on anything, but they're already missing out on at least one game. And it's a pretty big one, too.

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Rimgal1334d ago


Are you serious Nintendo? Variety is good and all but it now seem as though you have taken the apple route, purposely make your hardware inferior just to sell an 'improved' version which should have been like that in the first place.

And you are alienating 40 million nintendo gamers. I hope this console crashes and burns

Monster_Tard1334d ago

The GBC came out 9 years after the GB, they had that planned for 9 years?

The difference in GBA and GBA SP is that some of the SP's(not all) are backlit and the GBA micro is not Superior to either.

I agree with you about the DS and 3DS though, minus the 2DS.

jholden32491334d ago

That's a whole lot of ignorance for one comment.

There is no alienation. The 40 million 3DS gamers, like myself, Will still be able to play 3DS games. They are not stopping making 3DS games. They are not taking any games away and making them exclusive to the new system either.

They are ONLY offering additional games, games too demanding for the current hardware, to those who, wait it for it... CHOOSE to upgrade. You can choose to not upgrade, and you will still get every single last game that was going to come to the 3DS.

It's just like the people that got mad about Bayonetta 2. The game would have otherwise not existed. How can you get mad over an exclusive game that would have otherwise never existed? Xenoblade, and the select exclusives that will follow, are incapable of running on the current hardware. They would have otherwise never existed.

And I'm fairly certain when they launched the 3DS in early 2011, they were not scheming of ways to make it inferior just to sell and improved version. They made a good product, and it sold as a result. If it wasn't a good product people wouldn't have bought it. Now they're making the product better.

That's how a business operates. Make your product better. You improve on it. Nobody's forcing you to buy this new product. Games will continue to come to the 3DS and you will keep enjoying 3DS. Any games exclusive to the new hardware are games that would have never released for the original system anyways.

I swear people complain that Nintendo needs to make their products better, but when Nintendo makes their products better, they get angry that Nintendo didn't leave the hardware outdated.

Quit your bitching and act like a gamer. Gamers should care about fun games. And any rational minded gamer would look at this from a standpoint of "ok, so now I've got better options available with games the normal 3DS can't handle, but I can also choose to stick with what I've got and nothing changes". Instead you want to bitch because they made something better. That's nonsense. Some of us actually like playing video games, and believe it or not we actually get excited when better hardware is announced, because we actually plan on playing those amazing games, not sitting in our ivory tower condemning Nintendo for daring to get with the times, even though they're giving us plenty of warning it's coming, and even though the normal 3DS will continue to get games as planned, and even though the exclusives are only going to be games they couldn't run on the original hardware.

Seriously, wtf is wrong with people...

voodoochild3461334d ago

I don't think this will be as bad as people are thinking it will be. I do however think this should have been the original console. Oh well. Hindsight is always 20/20 after all.

TongkatAli1334d ago

Sony and Microsoft did it the trolling would be much worse. Come on, put the shoe on the other foot, oh yeah, the Nintendo fanbase would be soo understanding of Microsoft and Sony.

The biggest hypocrites period.

voodoochild3461333d ago

Fanboys are never understanding of the opposing products. That's why they're fanboys. How is this a response to my statement again?

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