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OculusRift1183d ago

Just when I forget about this game, they release a video like this, and get me pumped up.

Enemy1183d ago

Yeah I thought I was done with zombie games but this and Dead Island 2 both looks great.

MisfitsInc1183d ago

is it just me or does one of those guys look like a CGI model?

brainfart1183d ago

I want this game so badly:(

HaMM4R1183d ago

As awesome as that looked, if the stamina bar is still in its a no go for me.

Lord_Sloth1183d ago

Can't view it. Says the video is private.

Oldman1001183d ago

Here you go man. Looks like IGN uploaded it to their youtube channel.

BoNeSaW231183d ago

Thanks for the link!

Getting stoked for this game now!

Lord_Sloth1183d ago

Thank you! Looks awesome!

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