System Shock 3, whatever happened to it?

Back in January 2006 Electronic Arts had renewed the System Shock series trademarks. System Shock 3 was said to be in development by various gaming magazines afterwards. VGB asks "whatever happened to it?"

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BigKev453833d ago

It's not coming out, that's what happen.

Wise Rant Monkey3833d ago

<However, i'd still like to see them create a System Shock 3)
<Bet it would kick some serious ass)

Millah3833d ago

Bioshock is more of a spiritual sequel since they did not own the rights to System Shock.

kwicksandz3833d ago

System shock 2 = awesome

Bioshock = just OK

The bastard son bioshock is not a sequel.

mepsipax3833d ago

Bioshock was a hollow shell compared to System Shock 2, well I enjoyed my first play through of Bioshock I then played SS2 again and now look at bioshock as a victim of consolification I miss games like System Shock and Deus Ex but due to the fact developers feel the need to dum games down to put them on consoles i.e Invisible War I think we'll never get the same experience again.

Honolulu3833d ago

I am forced to agreed, I finally played Bioshock a while after it had been hyped to the heavens, The art-deco style and atmosphere is really well made and it's a good game, but it is nowhere near the same level as System Shock 2 tbh. It's too dumbed down.
You can go guns blazing in Bioshock and beat the game without a sweat, in System Shock 2 you had to think.

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