Nintendo Amiibo Launch Figures Guide, Price and Packaging Images

Images for all 12 Amiibo figure packages in a handy chart and pre-order links.

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ritsuka6661452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Preordered! new 3DS, Amiibo. Nintendo is back. BIG TIME!

DryBoneKoopa851451d ago

I'm excited as well. I still need to pre order the whole set. Which figures did you pre order?

Azurite1451d ago

Isn't amiibo only storing stats?
What else can it do?

DryBoneKoopa851451d ago

Nintendo hasn't come out and said what Amiibo will do in some of their other games yet. In Super Smash Bros they act as a sparring partner to refine your skills. They also can be leveled up to 50 well beyond the means of the highest leveled bots in smash (bots can only get up to level 10.)

Nintendo also said they will work in Mario Kart 8 as well just not sure how.

3-4-51451d ago

* Instead of just fighting against lvl 9 CPU's, you can train them to level 50.

This gives you better competition to fight against when your not playing online. You can also use them online, as your partner.

eferreira1451d ago

The packaging looks awesome as well as the figures.

jholden32491451d ago

Gamers Club Unlocked discount DOES APPLY to Amiibo at Best Buy. So for any GCU members out there, you can snatch these up at a little over $10 a piece.