FIFA 15 Hands-on: Improving The Best Football Game | Worlds Factory

Find out why EA Sports will still be on the throne this year.

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TheUltimateGamer1274d ago

Hopefully they improve ten-fold on last year's release.. That was a huge disappointment.

Alexious1274d ago

Why? I loved it on PS4.

Ju1274d ago

I'm still loving it. Most played game I've ever owned. if they would just fix the "own player runs into my own attacker" problem it'd be all good.

iistuii1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Loved Fifa 14 on PS4. I'm in the beta on X1 & unless they sort it out very soon, I'm very worried. The keepers are either pathetic & just stand & watch everything go in or super human & just catch every shot. The shooting is poor also. The players may look a lot better, but they run like they are on ice, it's just very strange. I know it's a beta & they have said in the forums the are addressing these problems, but I was in the Fifa 14 beta & that never changed very much to the final game.

Aurenar1274d ago

I've played FIFA 15 with you at Gamescom, Alex. Simply exciting. Even this years PES rests in peace.

Ju1274d ago

I can't wait for this game. One more month.