The Last of Us: Free Maps and New Weapons

By Eric Monacelli: "Happy Friday! We’re pushing a patch today (view full notes here) that addresses many of the matchmaking issues taking place in Factions mode for The Last of Us Remastered. You should see improved matchmaking all around. It will be rolling out over the next twenty-four hours globally. Look for the update when you turn on your system today"

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JoGam1421d ago

Can't wait to try it out.

Evilsnuggle1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Naughty Dog is slipping! This is pay to win and is pure bullsh#t . I don't care about maps and DLC. But when you sell some players things that give them a advantages . Over gamers who are not willing to pay for more and better options . Then that is pay to win and it's unfair. I own the last of us and play the mp daily. I bought the scoped weapon bundle . And yes it's advantage. Sony needs to stop this . I hope Sony fan don't put up with this garbage. This just as bad as Forza 5 selling cars done be hypocrites.

Revengeance1420d ago

The new weapons seem balanced to me. I haven't bought a single weapon and I'm doing just fine. It's just more options, nothing more nothing less.

Punch-o1421d ago

Best MP I've played this year.

GarrusVakarian1421d ago

Same here, I absolutely love the bow.

*Shamelessly posts own video*

Punch-o1421d ago

That was nice. You bow users always give me

ShowGun9011421d ago

im sorry, logically, the bow shouldn't be stronger per-shot than the semi-auto rifle... it should be silent and take 3 shots to kill (the same as the semi-auto rifle). its shouldn't have such accuracy... im pretty sure its harder to aim a bow thats pulled all the way back than a rifle.

theres a reason we all stopped using bows in real life...

xHeavYx1421d ago

"Arrows should take 3 shots to kill, just like bullets"

GarrusVakarian1421d ago


Hey, I don't make the rules, I just abuse them. Lol. If there's an OP weapon, then I'm damn sure gonna exploit it, I care more about my team winning than I do upsetting people by using the bow.

Destrania1421d ago

All I need is the revolver and I dominate every match haha.

ajax171421d ago

nice! are you really that good? or did they suck the whole match?

GarrusVakarian1421d ago


I'm pretty good with the bow, if I do say so myself, lol, but that only really happened because I took them by surprise. They actually won the match in the end.

I find the bow easier to use that the guns. Just feels better to use for me, I guess. Any game with a bow in it, I'm alllll over it.

BitbyDeath1421d ago

I just use the revolver and upgrade to the shotgun after a few kills

Salooh1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

You don't play with me :( . You prefer to play solo or as a team ?. I'm better at solo but i can manage sticking with the team. So if you will play tell me.

Note: It's me Death_156

I for one good at anything . But i use the bow mostly :P ...

GarrusVakarian1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )


My bad, man, I don't ignore you on purpose or anything. If you're inviting me when I'm in-game, I'm probably just concentrating too much to notice the notification, lol. Feel free to join my lobby whenever you want! Or send me a message saying you want to play.

I usually play with 1 or 2 friends, but sometimes solo too.

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RebelWAC1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Finally someone with the balls to admit it lol

@ShowGun don't be sorry, just run with a better team. That will shut down any good bow user including myself.

GarrusVakarian1421d ago

But a good team & a good bow user? Unstoppable force :P

ZILLA1421d ago

Thanks ND!lovin the online,it INSANITY👍

1421d ago
PR_FROM_OHIO1421d ago

Tried to tell folks the multiplayer is insanely good!!!!! Cant wait to try out these new maps!!!

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