PlayStation Plus Lost a Lot of Its Value

"Because every time someone dares to even touch this subject several accusations of fanboyism emerge from left and right, I will try to clarify one thing from the beginning. As a consumer and at the same time an owner of all current consoles, I’m entitled to measure the amount of services received, and their quality, for every penny I’m spending. To put this in more familiar terms, I’m talking about everything PlayStation Plus has to offer, from multiplayer services to a set number of free games monthly."

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xHeavYx1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

What the hell? One bad month of PS+ offerings and a DDoS attack and all of the sudden it "lost a lot of its value"?

"Sony has a pretty impressive history when it comes to their services being hacked, and putting their customers security at risk"
What? How did this move from PS+ games to internet stability?
It is said over and over that all the sensitive info compromised on the hack IN FREAKING 2011 was encrypted, and not a single person's credit card was used.
This guy says that his online portion doesn't work at all sometimes, I think the problem is between the controller and the TV, otherwise there would be a million articles talking about how no one can play online on the PS4 (excluding the DDoS attacks, of course)

I'll be the first to admit that this month's offerings are probably the worst so far, but this article is full of it

globeofgamers1422d ago

You read the articles before adding a comment? It's not only about games.

Kayant1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Well DDOS attacks were are not a risk to security or hacking and not really relevant or should be part of the argument. It's a temporary annoyance. You can argue the continuation of PSN maintenance but ddos atacks is still a strawhat point.

"Sony has a pretty impressive history when it comes to their services being hacked, and putting their customers security at risk." - Also that hyperbole when did one event become an impressive history...

"So, let’s do the math again. You have less interesting games compared to last year" - Don't PS+ start off the same way on PS3 with no AAA in the beginning if am not mistaken. Don't have a PS3. So why do you expect to have the same kind of library on not only a new platform that is less than a year old but also as a smaller library. Publishers are no going to be waiting to do deals soon because games still have a high value retail or digital. Small scale titles/PSN games are mostly would one should expect.

Look at PS3(NA) -

I took a year for the for AAA title to appear - Tomb Raider: Underworld

JoGam1422d ago

Personally I don't care what the article states, I believe Playstation Plus still has great value.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1422d ago

lol... if PS+ donesnt offer cheap people great triple A games the program loses its Value according to them haha...

id be pretty up set to if i depended on PS+

Utalkin2me1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

PS+ is awesome value for someone who owns a Ps4, PS3 and Ps vita. It's plain and simple no other console maker offers such value as what Sony offers with PS+ across 3 platforms..

Gorilla_Killa_X1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I can't remember right off hand but I'm pretty sure that when PS+ first came out they didn't even have games for free and the Vita wasn't evened released yet. The IGC came at a later date to enhance PS+, so PS+ has gotten better than when it was first introduced. Also the IGC wasn't updated every month at first either. Now you get 2 free games each on 3 different platforms every month Sounds like the value of PS+ is only getter better to me.

guitarded771422d ago

No, it's not only about games... it's about you wanting attention and writing a crap article by only focusing on what you want to focus on.

NukaCola1422d ago

I get so annoyed when these garbage no name sites submit their trash and then the author/contributor has to immediately comment so defensively when the community knows it's blatant crap written there. Globe just go bro.

ShinMaster1422d ago

@ globeofgamers

"It's not only about games"
Looks like you didn't read all of his comment either.

PSN was only hacked once and no data or credit card info was lost or stolen.
A DDoS attack is NOT a hack. It simply overloads your servers. It has little to do with security.

You're still getting about $1000 worth games and discounts across all 3 platforms.

One mediocre month and suddenly PS Plus lost its value? Get out of here with that.

NewMonday1421d ago

just don't feed the click baiters people

gaffyh1421d ago

He basically says that the value is lessened because there's no triple A games. I partially agree, but I also understand that:

1. PS4 and Vita have got hardly any games to offer AAA games, and there is mostly only Indie titles.
2. You can't give a AAA game every single month and maintain profitability.
3. That 1 & 2 may change over the course of the next year.

XBLSkull1421d ago


"I get so annoyed when these garbage no name sites submit their trash and then the author/contributor has to immediately comment so defensively when the community knows it's blatant crap written there. "

Abriael and dualshockers? Lol

Matt6661419d ago

Quote: " Sony has a pretty impressive history when it comes to their services being hacked, and putting their customers security at risk. It happened to me, personally, more than a few times to fire up my PS4 and discover that the online part of it it’s not working properly or, in some cases, at all."

So do all online services weather it's XBL, Steam etc there all at risk of hackers, bad days etc.

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johndoe112111422d ago

You've got balls. I'm not even gonna click on that clickbait fanboy article.

blueduke19591422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

You don't read the article but proclaim it's "fanboy" article? Thanks, fanboy LOL

NegativeCreep4271422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Well blueduke, it takes one to know one, right???

I got one statement to make against the tone of this article as it relates to Playstation Plus: There are 12 months in a year, one of those months just so happens to be "subpar" to the other 11 months. so how the hell and where is 11/12, or 91.6 (rounding down) a bad overall score??? an A- isn't a deal-breaker to me.

BluFish1422d ago

Agreed. My sub has paid for itself multiple times over. Just this month Fez and Road Not Taken kept my girlfriend busy for a while, and I'm enjoying Dragon's Crown for the Vita. I have also never encountered any downtime outside of the DDoS douchebaggery.

I think PS+ is one of the best deals in gaming, personally.

poor_cus_of_games1421d ago

Not just personally, it actually is the best deal in gaming.

Droidbro1422d ago

I know, xbox one also has had lousy games with gold titles (minus halo reach ;)) and been hit with ddos attack but no mention of that here.

gangsta_red1422d ago

It was mentioned in past articles about a lot of the offerings GwG gave (remember the first Crackdown?). Check those articles and see the many stories of posters and authors alike saying Xbox has lousy games offered for gold.

How quickly everyone forgets this.

And I swear, XBL never went down unlike PSN so no, they are not going to mention any DDoS attack because there was none. The sooner you sony fanboys accept it the sooner you guys can move on and discuss the topic at hand.

poor_cus_of_games1421d ago

@gangester actually some of xbox live features did go down. I couldn't play dead rising 3 off line for some reason. Also online titanfall.

beerzombie1421d ago

I think game that you say sucks is very subjective. on both systems the value is there if the over all package is great for the individual user.
Discounting attacks this happens to every company and can be almost impossible to stop.

come_bom1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

"What the hell? One bad month of PS+ offerings and a DDoS attack and all of the sudden it "lost a lot of its value"?"

For PS+ PS4 offerings it hasn't been a bad month, it's been a bad year of offerings, with the exception of 1 or 2 games.

Automatic791422d ago

@ heavy

My accounts got hacked speak for yourself. I sold PS3 shortly after.

Note when I pick up PS4 hopefully this won't happen.

xHeavYx1422d ago

Did anyone use your CC info or anything like that? didn't think so...

Rickgrimes951422d ago

Driveclub is free next month so I could care less about september

TheWackyMan1422d ago

Apparently DDoS attack is now considered "being hacked". What a truly awful world we live in.

1422d ago
SonyPS41422d ago

That being said the games library has been declining from a generous amount of AAA games to a bunch of cheap PSN titles, mostly indies.

This trend keeps up and I will not renew my subscription next year. I don't play my PS4 online and not interested in paying $50 for Sony to pick a bunch of cheap uninteresting games for me.

Irishguy951421d ago

It's been a bad year for PS+. Not just this month

Export1421d ago

DDoS attack on sony? Sorry , I was playing my xbox to noticed it . :P

VforVideogames1421d ago

I can not put it better my self , this article hit the nail right on the head, between this and the lack of games this year, no wonder my ps4 is collecting dust , may be its better to put it back on the box and take it out next year by this time?

ChuckTheIceMan1421d ago

It's been 3 or 4 bad months for PS+ and games with gold. The only game of value from both in my opinion was Dishonored.

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Paul_Murphy1422d ago

Measure it over the course of a year, don't focus on one month in particular. For me, plus has been tremendous value this year already.

ShutUpDonny1422d ago

Yep! More than enough free games to have fun and I'm sure that just with the sales I have my 55$ a year back. People tend to forget that PS+ have to deal with a delicate balance between giving games away and be sure that you don't only play those free games and still pay for PSN stuff. Profit is still there first objective and there is nothing wrong with that if we get enough for our money.

admiralvic1422d ago

"Measure it over the course of a year... For ME, plus has been tremendous value"

While I think the article is trying to capitalize on the dislike for this months offering and GotGame is certainly a site I would say that goes for more inflammatory / flamebaity articles, part of the problem is how dismissive some people can be about having an issue with PlayStation Plus. You see, you've gotten "tremendous" value from your subscription, so it's easy to just tell people to shut up and deal with it. However, thats not the case for other people.

Speaking for myself, the last game that I didn't buy, planned to buy and somewhat enjoyed was Terraria in June, followed by Mercenary Kings in April and then Double Dragon Neon back in September of 2012. Now if you find that figure (April 2014 - September 2012) impossible to believe, then you're more than welcome to compare my trophy list (just Admiralvic) against every game that released over that calendar period and you should find that I only played Don't Starve, Resogun, DmC and Thomas Was Alone (I only played for trophies) because of Plus. Everything else I either played / owned prior or never touched.

With that being said, it's to a degree my fault that I have such a pitiful history with PlayStation Plus. A lot of the games I buy just so happen to end up going free and a lot of games I avoid never take the plunge. Like everyone else it's the luck of the draw, but at the same time I average owning 1+ title offered a month, which sucks. Especially since people will always disagree with anything negative I have to say, put words in my mouth (if I say I dislike that Sportsfriends or whatever game, then people will act like I'm saying that I'm mad Sony isn't offering The Last of Us Remastered when I would be perfectly alright with something like Steamworld Dig or Child of Light) and act like I am the least grateful person on the planet because I don't get a ton of value from Plus and that sucks. =\

TL;DR Just because you get value from it, doesn't mean everyone does or that complaints are based off one bad month.

ShowGun9011422d ago

while i pretty much agree with your entire post, (especially the moral LOL) the good thing is that PS+ still didn't rip you off, even if you only appreciated 4 games

Dont Starve - $15
DMC - $15
Resogun - $15
Thomas was Alone - $15

just averaging the price of these to %15 each (which i think is low, but thats not the point), you STILL got your moneys worth outta PS+ this year... i realise what you mean (individual milage may vary LOL), but even for a user such as yourself, who didn't get very much value out of PS+, you at least still got your money back!

admiralvic1422d ago

@ ShowGun901

Sigh~ I see posts like yours and I am reminded why I don't like posting in these topics. I mean, what is the point besides telling me in an uninformed and incorrect way that I am wrong simply because I, at best, either broke even or made $5 in profit (TWA has a msrp or at least is currently listed for $10)?

Anyway, like I mentioned above, I simply played those 4 games between the 19 month calendar period I didn't really get anything I enjoyed. Since I'm going to get the disagrees anyway, I'll also tell you how I felt about those games you listed. As mentioned in my original comment, I ONLY played Thomas Was Alone for the trophies. Even then I found it unenjoyable. While I didn't mind Resogun, it was also not a title I would have bought (I never bought Super Stardust Delta either) and I did not care for the game enough to buy the DLC or return after getting the platinum after a day or two. Don't Starve was something I only played because I loved Klei's other games and loved the art style, however I am not a patient person and personally found Don't Starve to be extremely boring. Finally there is DmC, which I only played because my friend kept telling me to play it and experience its awesomeness. I thought it was okay, but again, not something I would normally buy or enjoy.

This also overlooks the fact that I didn't enjoy the games offered for at least 8 months, which makes it sound like a more valid complaint than "this month sucks, Plus cancelled." But again, I guarantee more people will just tell me how Plus is amazing and any complaint is wrong, so I don't know why I bother... even if in your version I only enjoyed around 4 out of the 40+ offered over that span of time.

TearsOfARapper1422d ago

1 minute, 6 comments. Ugh, here we go again n4g.

princejb1341422d ago

lol people really expect a bunch of triple A games lol. You guys are so greedy. Developers need to make their money to