VGChartz: Global Weekly, 23th August 2014

PS4 159,285 (+9%)
3DS 109,581 (-13%)
WiiU 54,254 (-18%)
XOne 53,207 (+11%)
PS3 40,860 (-10%)
PSV 28,210 (-22%)
X360 26,681 (-1%)
Wii 7,487 (0%)
PSP 4,069 (-4%)

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Am-No-Hero1087d ago

Nice one 3DS + PS4 still leading the way :)

BiggerBoss1087d ago

Ps4 selling more than Xbox One, Wii U, and PS3 COMBINED. That's just crazy. Good for Sony.

chrismichaels041087d ago

PS4 is off to an incredible first year. Congrats to Sony.

amiga-man1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

When even the biased Vgchartz (can't even accept official Sony numbers) has the PS4 leading 3:1 you know PS4 domination is real.

jjonez181087d ago

PS4 is selling more consoles in US than either XB1 or Wii U are WW. It's also holding well over a 60% market share for 2014 and 45% LTD. Much better than even Sony could have predicted.

Illusive_Man1087d ago

Im really starting to wonder why considering the quality of the current PS4 library.

ErcsYou1087d ago

@ Illusive_Man.. If you consider the quality of the competition it's a easy choice.. Everybody wants 1080p.

choujij1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

+ what ErcsYou said. So now you can stop wondering.

gootimes1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )


That list is insane, PS4 dominating in all categories with games (AAA retail, digital, PS+ vs gold, highest rated)... And people STILL bring up the games argument against it.

Automatic791087d ago

@Biggerboss PS4 in a 100 territories worldwide of course its going to sell more captain obvious. Lol

BiggerBoss1087d ago

@michaellito. Did my comment upset you somehow? Lol.

Does the fact that Ps4 is selling in 100 countries change the fact that it's outselling Xbox one, Wii u, and ps3 combined? Does it make my statement any less true? Oh it doesn't? Okay that's what I thought.

chrismichaels041087d ago

@gootimes - it amazes me as well how some people like to use the "PS4 has no games excuse". It's almost as bad as the "PS4 is in 100 countries" excuse...even though both consoles are already available in all the major markets like US and UK which make up the majority of both PS4 and Xone sales (and PS4 continues to already outsell the competition in those markets).

MysticStrummer1087d ago

@Lito - Did you miss the part where PS4 is outselling XB1 in every market both are in? Those numbers make it obvious why MS didn't release their console in more places. That was their choice you know, and the reason they made it is clear. Has "XB would be losing by less if it was in more markets" really become the XB fan's rallying cry? Judging by guys like you and Axios it has.

@Illusive_Man - I'm really starting to wonder if you know the difference between an opinion and a fact.

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Magicite1087d ago

whoa, x1:ps4 = 1:3.
September gonna be phun!

CARROT1809941087d ago

These next four months are going to be crucial for both consoles and thieir public perception going forward into the generation.

CertifiedGamer1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Not to offend you and I am not an X1 fan but math is math but the PS4 10.1 million vs. X1 5.1 million is not 3:1 its 2:1. if you calculate it from the millions then you would know that. PS4 would need 15 million for it to be 3:1 but I don't doubt that it will happen because at current rate by march 2015 PS4 will have 21 million and X1 will have sold 7 million at that time it will be 3:1. Don't try to misinform the N4G comunity like if we don't go or never went to school.

CertifiedGamer1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Sorry dmitrijs88 I didn't know you were talking about weekly sales in that case your correct in the week PS4 outsold X1 3:1 but in total sales PS4 leads 2.1:1 if at the current rate PS4 will have 13+ million units sold by November and X1 will have 6.2 million by november but the difference is that PS4 will likely boost sales at a higher rate than X1 will in Holidays so by the end of the 2014 we should see PS4 have 18 million sold while X1 will have 6.7-6.75 million shipped.

DarkOcelet1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Not sure if the Ps4 is selling really well or the Xbox is selling really low , i mean either they are selling low or 50k is the norm and Ps4 is above the norm . Either way , Ps4 is not stopping anytime soon and Destiny will boost at least 1 million more .

jjonez181087d ago

PS4 is selling well.
XB1 and Wii U are below average for new consoles.
So it's a mix of both. Ps4 is selling so well it makes wiiu/xb1 look weak. Or wiiu/xb1 are so flat that the ps4 looks like a juggernaut in comparison.

Gamble201087d ago

Keep in mind that while VG Charts has tracked XB1 sales with relative accuracy, they have been very far off on PS4. They recently made a correction, but when Sony announced they had sold 10 million consoles VG said that it was 9.4 million. Sony averages around a million consoles per month, and yet even using this weeks corrected numbers multiplied for the whole month you aren't even at 700k.

So basically, this gap might even be larger than this!

DefenderOfDoom21087d ago

The new MADDEN 15, boosted sales for the PS4 in NORTH AMERICA.

gootimes1087d ago

I hope the Vita picks things up, such a cool little system.

5eriously1087d ago

LOL at the Sad Sack trolls downvoting comments about these results. Must be all they can still do as their arguments all fell flat and there is nothing more they can say to use as an excuse anymore..false hope is all they have left.

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oSHINSAo1087d ago

Wow, has a Xbox one owner, 3:1 thats impresive for the ps4, nice for Sony

brish1087d ago

Half-Life 3 confirmed! ;-)

ShowGun9011087d ago

the x1 didn't even sell 2X the sales of the 360... i hope their new countries they're launching in help them out, along with MCC. (although i think MCC will do FAR more than all those countries combined... theres a reason M$ skipped them...)

oSHINSAo1087d ago

wow, you have been follow me, i have a new fan :)

MSBAUSTX1087d ago

XB1 sales increased? The only game coming out soon is Master Chief Collection and then Destiny. But those are both in November right? I wonder why it had an 11% rise in sales. Wii U is still selling steady though. It dropped a little but still over 50K a week. That will go up in the coming weeks because of Hyrule warriors. PS4 and 3DS are killing it though.

kneon1087d ago

I don't think you need any particular cause for an 11% week to week change, the numbers go up and down every week. If it were something like 30%+ then I'd be wondering what happened.

BiggerBoss1087d ago

Destiny releases in less than two weeks, where did you get November from?

jjonez181087d ago

X1 has a Madden bundle. But that will be tracked in next week's numbers. Also SSO launches in October. And FH2 is in November? Sales should slowly rise for X1 as we get closer and closer to the holidays, so random +%'s should become common.

ABizzel11087d ago


August = Metro Redux
September = Destiny & WW launch
October = Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and 3rd party cram
November = Halo: MCC, COD: AW, 3rd party cram, Black Friday Shopping
December = Holiday Shopping

These next 4 months are really important for MS. If their sales don't increase they're going to be forced to make another drastic decision, and at this point it's going to be a real price cut. $349 seems like the most obvious, but I think they'll need an even greater one like $299 - $329 if they don't double their current numbers over the next several months.

I don't think they'll have a problem getting their numbers up. Destiny and the WW launch in September should get their numbers up. The rush of games between October and November should keep them up. And the holiday sales inflation should keep them up for the rest of the year.

January will be do or die for them.

Drekken1087d ago

I think Diablo has way more impact than Metro Redux in August yet everyone seems to forget it came out. Best dungeon crawler out there, best couch coop, awesome online coop, and you can still play solo if you want.

You are right though. These next few months will be important for the Xbox. I really don't think Destiny will do much for them. October is the month it could possibly beat the PS4 in NA. I don't see it happening though. Ps4 has way too much momentum and Drive Club is coming. That game is looking great lately.