PlayStation fans might "Make a Fuss" about Announcement on Monday

An announcement coming Monday may just cause PlayStation fans to "make a fuss," a Famitsu editor said yesterday. Although he didn't offer much else to go on, the implication that it's going to be exclusive to one or more of the PlayStation devices is sure to capture the attention of those interested in Japanese titles.

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THC CELL1084d ago

Even if it's good news playstation fans will have a fuss lol look at the blog comments

DarkOcelet1084d ago

Am looking at the blog comments , nothing there .

vishmarx1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

im not even sure what he means
why would ps fans fuss about anything that is a ps exclusive

either he means it isnt a ps exclusive or the fans he's talking about arent ps fans

nix1084d ago


well we're the fussy bunch. we've been spoilt by sony's amazing exclusive games. standards for us has been set so high that anything less is a no no. lol.

guitarded771084d ago

I think he's referring to the blog comments at the source link.

ShinMaster1084d ago

Maybe he doesn't mean "fuss" in the negative way.

There must be something lost in translation there.

guitarded771084d ago

In the South in the US, "fuss" is often used to mean excitement. Kinda like how some say "hype".

FACTUAL evidence1084d ago

I don't think the OP means fuss as in a negative. It's like when people say "what's all the fuss about" when people are excited about something.

AndrewLB1084d ago

A more appropriate translation of は大騒ぎ, contrary to what google translate says, is "clash/uproar". Translating from Japanese to English is difficult because many words do not have a direct equal and translation software doesn't do a good job of conveying intent/emotion/etc of the language.

And no... i don't speak Japanese. I ran the comment by a friend who lives in Osaka and teaches English to Japanese students.

Sounds to me like PS fans are going to be pi$$ed because a traditionally exclusive game will be multiplatform in order to maximize those profits, and since Xbone and PS4 have such similar architecture, its quite simple to bring games to the other platform

Wizard_King1083d ago Show
THC CELL1082d ago

I am glad some of you have brains I was not been negative at all. Thanks.

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Flamingweazel1084d ago ShowReplies(8)
Future_20151084d ago

I still don't understand why you can't change the damn theme on ps4 after almost a year

mcarsehat1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Wow, you were right.

I scrolled down and all i saw were Blog commenters making a fuss.

Lucky guess though, it is N4G after all, they could make a fuss out of an empty box or an empty room or something else that is empty.

sanosukegtr1231084d ago

Wow!! Loads of dislikes. Probably its because your comment makes no sense at all.

SilentNegotiator1084d ago

You made the first comment, troll. There were literally ZERO other comments to look at when you posted.

wastedcells1084d ago

I think there is a translation issue here. Something's are meant to be taken different ways in other languages and it doesn't translate well. This I think is one of them.

Tapani1084d ago

騒ぎ (sawagi) means more like noise and excitement in this case. Definitely a positive connotation.

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CloudRap1084d ago

Please be themes...please be themes

sinncross1084d ago

Themes would be cool. Actually i wouldnt mind some major OS updates to both PS4 and PSV.

Cant wait for Monday. Last SCEJA has lots of good announcements.

nicksetzer11084d ago

Is a "fuss" a good thing or a bad thing? Not really sure what to think of this.

Utalkin2me1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

I would much rather have other things then themes right now.

Godmars2901084d ago

Home 2.0 with either the rolling view of a private space or clubhouse running in the background, which you can instantly jump into, or a generalized theme.

Jaqen_Hghar1083d ago

Probably not. Most people don't care only a super small internet issue there

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ps4fanboy1084d ago

I'm ready to party! Just keep the good news and surprises coming Sony , I'm loving it!
And at this rate, I'm going to have to find a job also!!
Not enough gaming money!!!

JoGam1084d ago

Good news? Im not sure but is a fuss good?

xHeavYx1084d ago

'Fuss" is the word that came out from the rough translation, it means good news, but possibly for Asian players only

ps4fanboy1084d ago

Google it , it means a make a do about something , whether it be good or bad ,,I assume....

k3rn3ll1084d ago

Yea I assumed fuss would be bad as well

ShowGun9011084d ago

im not sure sony would pre-announce bad news... i think they'd try to sweep it under the rug with as little pomp and circumstance as possible.

Sheikh Yerbouti1084d ago

A fuss is noise whether cheerful, angry or just for the f of it.

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Antnee5341084d ago

No I'm hoping for persona 5 or tales of zestria for ps4 or new jrpg I would be so fudging pumped

Ron_Danger1084d ago

I would take either of those for sure. I'd also add Dark Cloud 3 to that list.

DeadlyOreo1084d ago

Silent Hills PS4 exclusivity my bet. The fuss will be a reference to the Tomb Raider fiasco.

gokuking1084d ago

Silent Hill isn't really popular in Japan. The lat few have sold well under 100,000 copies. As such, TGS would be a weird venue to make that announcement, unless the exclusivity was only for Japan.